The Great Buddini Astonishes Audiences With New Magic Act

BUDAPEST, Hungary — Renowned magician The Great Buddini will make a triumphant return to the city this summer with a limited run of performances at the historic Thália Színház, his publicist announced on Friday.

The Great Buddini electrified audiences in his last appearance in Budapest, when he made entire bag of Blue Buffalo Bursts vanish, then conjured up a roast turkey before making it disappear again. In all, he made 17 different types of food dematerialize into his mouth during a thrilling and varied performance.

“You are a genius, good sir!” an audience member at one of the Budapest performances proclaimed. “Tell us, how do you do it?”

The Great Buddini doffed his cap and let out an enormous belch.

“A magician never *burp* gives away his s-sec– *burp* — secrets,” he said. “Now if you’ll excuse me, we’ll have a brief intermission. Should be no longer than 10, maybe 15 minutes.”

The curtains drew tight and the pit orchestra began playing as members of the audience drifted over to the concession counter, but someone had forgotten to mute Buddini’s mic, and he could be heard muttering foul oaths, straining mightily and shoveling litter.

The Great Buddini
The Great Buddini toils endlessly in his workshop to find new and innovative ways to make food disappear into his mouth.

“I thought we’d resume with an examination of what is real and what is not,” The Great Buddini told the audience after they’d returned to their seats and the lights had dimmed once again. “Does the red dot exist, or is it merely an illusion?”

Buddini slapped a paw down onto the wooden stage floor, then drew astonished gasps as he held it up, with the elusive red dot pinned between two claws.

“They said it could not be done!” exclaimed a cat in the fifth row. “All hail The Great Buddini!’

“All hail The Great Buddini!” the audience repeated.

Buddini’s 2022 tour took him around the world before finally returning to his native New York, where audiences fainted with disbelief and a New York Times critic declared the magician was “an unrivaled master of sleight of paw.”

Despite near-universal acclaim, some took issue with The Great Buddini’s performances. A scathing review in the New York Post took aim at “imbeciles” who were “paying to watch a chubby cat pig out on snacks on a stage.”

The Great Buddini’s fans were unperturbed.

“Are they trying to say there’s no magic involved in Buddini making an entire bag of moist treats disappear into his mouth?” asked Otis, a 10-year-old orange tabby. “Because I assure you, it’s absolutely magical!”

13 thoughts on “The Great Buddini Astonishes Audiences With New Magic Act”

    1. The Great Buddini in residency at the MGM Grand!

      He can be the consolation prize for all the people disappointed by the closing of the MGM’s famous lion habitat. Very minor differences between Buddy and the lions, obviously.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We are there often and it has really changed over the years. Although last time seeing the lion exhibit a few years ago was kind of sad. They did not look well. I heard that the Mirage adopted them.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. They had some sort of arrangement where the lions lived on the grounds of a sanctuary and different lions would do “shifts” in the MGM each day, then be brought home. If that was true, I’m not sure how I saw them at 2:30 am, but I definitely did. (I wasn’t THAT drunk!)

        I guess I have mixed feelings about it. If they spent most of their time on the expansive grounds of a sanctuary and their presence reminded visitors to MGM of the splendor of their species and big cats in general, then I’d be cool with it.

        It’s a moot point now anyway.


  1. I love the great Buddini and I enjoy his magical antics. Thank you for the entertainment! My little Buddy-Cat is having a tough night. The thunder scares him. I think he fears whatever that Big Noise is, will come in the window and mess with him. Needs a ton of petting and reassuring 🙀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m sorry to hear your little Buddy was having a tough night. I hope the storm passed quickly and he started feeling better. I’m sure he was grateful to have a good human who cares for him and reassures him.

      That’s one thing I have to be grateful for. Every year the town’s fireworks show is a block away, so it gets very loud here and Bud is used to it. He’s been hearing it since he was a kitten. I suppose his fear of mundane objects like rustling paper bags makes up for it though.

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      1. Cats can be so weird. None of my cats were scared of storms, for years they’d snooze through the worst weather. And then suddenly one became terrified of thunder, and then another and another followed.
        Now they hide and howl, although not necessarily in that order. Weird!

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      2. My little guy is from Cape May. I guess it’s quiet there. Fireworks terrify him, and he’s endured them many times. He’s a big fan of peace and quiet. Me too.

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