About Pain in the Bud

Uh, is this site about a cat?

Yep. Pain in the Bud is about Buddy, a five-year-old gray tabby with a big heart and an even bigger ego.

Where and with whom does Buddy live?

Buddy lives with his human servant, Big Buddy, just north of New York City. Big Buddy is responsible for providing a range of services such as grooming, interactive play time, serving yums on a precise schedule, serving snacks at appropriate intervals (mostly whenever Buddy wants them) and existing as a human mattress for Buddy’s beauty sleep.

This is not like other cat blogs. Why are you both so…insane?

Hey! We take umbrage at that characterization! We prefer the term ‘reality challenged.’

But this is a joke, right? Buddy really doesn’t preside over a vast criminal empire controlling the catnip flow into New York City and its surrounding burbs. Does he?

Nothing on this blog should be taken at face value, especially if you are a felino-narco investigator, a member of the cowardly Los Gatos Gang, or a rival looking to muscle in on Buddy’s territory, if indeed Buddy’s territory exists, which we’re not saying it does.

What is ‘Unused Audio Commentary’ all about?

Little Buddy and Big Buddy watch movies and provide their interpretation of what’s happening on screen. However their commentary is so insightful that directors are afraid to include it in DVD and Blu-ray box sets, lest they be upstaged. Thus we present these priceless audio commentaries about beloved movies to you.

What is ‘Dear Buddy’ about?

Cats around the world write to Buddy for his sage advice on matters of feline import.

I would like to offer a modeling contract/marriage proposal/lordship/book deal/TV adaptation. How do I get in touch with Buddy?

You can reach Buddy via the Contact page for personal or business enqueries. Comments about Buddy’s stories are always welcome on individual blog posts as well.