Sunday Cats: 4th Blogiversary, 9th Buddiversary, PLUS: Buddy Gets Plagiarized!

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us! Happy birthday dear Buddies, happy birthday to us!

We received a notification from WordPress congratulating us on four years with WordPress, although this blog isn’t technically four years old. It started as a place for my random scribbles about Buddy and as a sort of travelogue for my trip to Japan, and it wasn’t until September of 2019 that I registered the domain and started blogging in earnest, transforming the site into the Pain In The Bud we all know and love today.

Over the last few years we’ve been fortunate enough to merit the attention of critics, who have lavished praise on us:

“There’s a reason young kittens the world over have posters of Buddy on their walls. He’s effortlessly charming, possessed of inimitable wit and he’s got one hell of a singing voice.” – Fat Cats magazine

“An indictment of the American education system. I feel dumber for having read it.” – Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine’s guide to the Worst Blogs On The Internet

“An extraordinary blog focused on an exceptional cat whose wit is sharper than Valyrian steel. Endlessly entertaining.” – The Buddesian Times

“A catnip junkie and the human who enables him. Gives all cats a bad rep.” –  Veterinary Association of America

“Has there ever been a cat more handsome and interesting than Buddy? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.” – The Chronicle of Higher Buddy

“It’s difficult to tell who’s the bigger moron, the human or the cat. They enable each other, launching their idiotic schemes to take over the world and horde its turkey. Thankfully they’re as incompetent as they are clueless.” – Jefferson Nebula, host of My Cat From Hades

Of course we would not be here if not for our readers. Thanks for finding us, sending us your ideas and most of all, feeding Buddy’s ego by telling him what a charming, interesting and ferocious tiger he is.

On a related note, since I’m not sure of Buddy’s exact birth date, we celebrate his birthday and adoptiversary around the third weekend of April.

Happy birthday, Bud!

Very Sad Buddy
Bud, you sexy beast, you!

How the heck is the little guy nine years old? That doesn’t seem possible. The age equivalency chart says that’s the equivalent of 52 human years, but Bud still has a spring in his stride, meows like a little baby and likes playing with his toys, especially the game called “Mighty Hunter” in which I manipulate wand toys like prey and he ambushes them. Since he doesn’t know he’s supposed to deliver a “kill bite” and hasn’t made the connection that hunting = food, he happily bobbles the toy with his front paws while bouncing around on his feet, then rushes to cover to reset the game.

I will not dwell on or speculate about how long he’ll be with us because I turn into a blubbering mess despite being a grown ass man, so I’ll just say I’m extremely grateful that he’s healthy and happy, and I’ll continue to enjoy every minute with him.

Except when he meows really annoyingly when his food is late. And when he wakes me up by grooming my face. Oh, and his insistence on walking 1/10th of a stride in front of me so I’m always in danger of tripping on him. Also, when he goes into super annoying determined mode and tries to wake me by punching the door flap on his litter box, knowing the squeak of the hinges drives me crazy.

He is very accomplished at annoying me, but that’s okay. He’s my little Buddy.

Plagiarized, you say?

Thanks to those of you who alerted us to a PITB story that was plagiarized by a pet-focused site recently. We’re aware of it, and unfortunately it’s not the first time.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create readable, entertaining content, and there are people who simply don’t care and help themselves to the content without scruples. Almost all of them are based in countries whose authorities don’t respect US intellectual property rights and won’t cooperate with any takedown notices or legal threats.

The Drudge Report, for example, famously links to DNUYZ, a site run by an Armenian guy who steals content from the New York Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Financial Times and other news sites. Google canceled DNUYZ’s AdSense account, but the operator simply signed up with a different ad server, and he makes a tidy profit by stealing content en masse.

If major media organizations can’t stop this nonsense, I have no hope. I’ve had some luck petitioning sites that host third-party content, but many don’t respond and I don’t even get an apology from those who do acknowledge that my content was posted to their sites, earning them pageviews and ad revenue.

There is a way you can help, however. Every time someone links to a PITB article, it incrementally increases our legitimacy in the eyes of Google, and that’s important because it means PITB shows up first when people search for an article or topic on this site, rather than the plagiarized versions copied by content scrapers in countries like India and Russia.

I am not asking people to randomly link to PITB. That wouldn’t help anyway. However, if there’s a story you really like, consider sharing it on social media and help spread the word. Organic virality is the name of the game, and Buddy and I think we do offer something relatively unique in the cat-o-sphere with a blog from a dudely perspective with a focus on absurdist cat humor, big cat conservation and important news stories that impact our furry little friends.

And if that’s not reason enough, well, just look at him. He’s a sexy beast, and surely your cat-loving friends would be angry with you if you did not tell them all about Buddy and his adventures. Don’t make them upset. Do them a solid and invite them to the Wonderful World of Buddy!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Cats: 4th Blogiversary, 9th Buddiversary, PLUS: Buddy Gets Plagiarized!”

  1. Happy blogiversary / adoption-versary / birthday! Buddy, nine years old, really? You don’t look a day past two or three.

    The quote from Oprah! 😹 no such thing as bad press! Except for the plagiarizing… not cool and I’m so sorry to hear! How frustrating it is to see people steal your content. Ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AMAZING, I LOVE IT ❤️ people who do not like/love cats is because they are choosy, independent, beautiful,insightful,loyal and they will not be mistreated so there you have it, I am all those things!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Happy Birthday, little Buddy and PITB! The years with our cat companions pass by so quickly. Their departures never get any easier as we get older, Big Buddy. We all come stamped with an expiration date, not readable by mortals like ourselves. Probably best that way. Treasure the time you have with little Buddy. Every day is a gift. He is a beautiful little soul.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Tux and I are so grateful for you and Buddy’s blog! Bud is unrivaled in his cat-tractiveness, cunning business sense, and exciting adventures! Thanks for the fun and informative space for us cat lovers Steve!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Happy Birthday to Little Buddy and congrats to Big Buddy on the blogging milestones! Your site is terrific! That’s awful about the stolen posts. I’ve had that happen alot, mostly with scraped photos being offered on photo aggregation sites. But in 2021 I had a really horrible time with my photos being copied and posted on an inappropriate site by bad actors. It began with a reblog of one of my posts, which WordPress allows (and IMO they should not) onto that site. Long story but it still wasn’t completely over when bad health stopped me from posting there anyway. I have posted some of your links on fb, mostly in fb discussions of cat issues you’ve covered, and I’ll keep doing that. I too try to post my own links and photos in various places around the web. On the fb page Cats With Blogs people often post sites they’ve seen that are stealing from cat bloggers. It’s a good way to keep up with it.

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  6. Happy Birthday Buddy . You have lit up our corner of London with your words of wisdom and guidance now shared by Bella and Bertie wIth Kittens locally . Fantastic words that is spread globally

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Fie on the SCUM who steal articles about out beloved Buddy! May a thousand ants crawl up their pants legs and bit their nethermost regions for all eternity. May the $$$ they reap from this theft turn to sand. Happy Birthday to our beloved Buddy, and thank you most sincerely for posting his stories for us to enjoy.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Happy happy HAPPY birthday from the furmily: Starlin, Lucinda, and the Looney Toon Brothers, and from the Food Lady. And wishing many MANY more !!!!! And wishing for whoever hijacked your articles some EPIC karma to be delivered on a flaming plate.

    Liked by 2 people

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