Woman Sets Up Camera, Paranormal Activity Style, To Film Her Kitten Body-Slamming Her In Her Sleep

I have to admit, as cute as Buddy was as a kitten, I don’t miss the “war on sleep” phase.

A woman who adopted a kitten set up a camera to film what happens while she sleeps, like the main characters of the surprisingly scary 2007 film Paranormal Activity, except instead of doors opening and slamming shut by themselves, TVs turning on randomly and other freaky ghost stuff, she got footage of her new kitty gleefully waking her, mostly by belly-flopping on her snoozing human:


bet y’all can’t guess why i’m sleeping on the floor #catsoftiktok #psycho #fyp #fail #cat

♬ original sound – Jenna

I know the experience all too well, and I’d imagine most people who have had a kitten know it too.

Buddy was absolutely ruthless as a baby! He’d scurry into a corner or hide under my desk, wait until I was snoring or just on the cusp of sleep, then climb up and screech the kitten equivalent of “Geronimo!” as he kamikaze’d himself onto my stomach.

Not a fun way to wake up. At all.

Bud would celebrate with delighted trilling, then pad back into the shadows to wait for his next opportunity. Oftentimes I’d hear squeaky little kitten chirps and imagine him laughing as he planned his next attack. He had entirely too much fun torturing me at night.

But fear not, Jenna, it gets better! I’m happy to report the Budster is much sweeter and more considerate as an adult cat. He still wakes me up, but often not to the level of fully awake, and instead of a cat landing a triple lutz, double axle on my stomach, I’m treated to super-soft fur against my face and the calming vibration of the little dude’s purrs.

It might take the better part of a year, but your kitten will chill out, adjust to your sleep schedule and realize a peaceful snooze is more satisfying than nighty games of Harass the Human.

The feline tendency to sit on your face and screech into your ear if your cat’s hungry or really wants your attention? Unfortunately that never goes away…

12 thoughts on “Woman Sets Up Camera, Paranormal Activity Style, To Film Her Kitten Body-Slamming Her In Her Sleep”

  1. hee hee, Bella is much more sneaky. She creeps into the bedroom jumps lightly into the bed and uses a paw to gently try and wake me, followed by a gentle tapping with a claw if I don’t get the message!!

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    1. OMC John same where with my BellaDharma!
      A paw tap to top of head while I am sleeping….if I do not respond then there is a 2nd tap……it I still do not respond there is a tap with claws extended…..By that point, I am getting up…do not want to find out what 4th tap would involve!! ROFL!
      Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum

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  2. Lol, Buddy the kitten was a handful! One of my cats liked to sit at the head of the bed and swat us when we moved. Hard swats with claws out, accompanied by a hiss.
    OT: There’s a poster with a flexing cat, titled: Meowscles! Have you seen it?

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      1. I haven’t played it either. It’s an online battle royale game which is incredibly popular, but it’s not my cup of tea. The video game industry passed the movie industry in popularity and revenue years ago, which a lot of people don’t realize, and the nice thing is that there are plenty of games that specifically cater to adults with more serious themes, heady ideas and deep narratives.


  3. Mee-yow Buddy you used to due that to Big Buddy??? MOL….
    Mee beein a mature kitty girl now does not due flyin cat roo-teen!
    Butt mee does like a good mornin pat-a-head on BellaSita Mum….mee seess shee posted to Mistur John, mew mew mew….
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma

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    1. He was absolutely ruthless lol. One of the reasons I love him, he’s such a weirdo. I mean, do I want him to attack me in my sleep? No. But I wouldn’t change a thing about him.


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