Cat On The Street: Do You Know What Time It Is?

Some people think felines are incapable of telling time. Cats disagree. And as anyone who has ever had the honor of serving a furry friend knows, cats are exceptional time keepers who like to adhere to strict schedules and like their meals delivered with the precision of the finest Swiss timepieces. To prove it, we asked six random cats if they know what time it is.

“It’s been 4 hours, 13 minutes and 22 seconds since my last meal, which was an unsatisfying salmon pâté . Do better, human.” – Parmesan, 8

“It’s yums o’clock!” – Pepper, 4 1/2 months

“It’s nap time. Again.” – BA Baracus, 4

“It is time for you to get off your lazy behind and fetch me something tasty.” – Shadow, 5

“In exactly 12 minutes it will be time for me to visit the neighbor for third breakfast! Then in another hour, first lunch at the nice lady’s house down the street!” – Clover, 7

“What is time, if not a way to mark the wonderful meals enjoyed, the scrumptilicious snacks devoured, the moments of opportunity when a human plate goes unattended? Wait. Did I say the last part out loud?” – Remontoire, 2

17 thoughts on “Cat On The Street: Do You Know What Time It Is?”

  1. 🤣🤣🤣I would say my cat is thinking like Shadow. Of course, i get up when i feel like it to give him his food. He has dry food out already.

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    1. I leave dry food out for Bud overnight, but he is an expert in being maximally annoying to make sure I get up. He walks on my head, screeches into my ear, jumps on me, sits in front of his litter box and repeatedly punches the flap so it squeaks. If that doesn’t work, he finds everything on every flat surface and proceeds to slap each and every item into the floor.

      His inventiveness is impressive.

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      1. Spunkmeyer has other ways! Have you ever had a 20lb weight park on your chest in the middle of the night WHILE you are still asleep? Makes for interesting dreams of buildings falling on you, or a car, or a very large gorilla?

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      2. I had a kitty one time who used her long, thick, extra soft fur, to tickle me awake. Very effective move, Pud. ♡♡♡♡ Her name was Pud (rhymed with should) as in Puddy-Tat.
        I miss Pud.

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  2. Bella knows EXACTLY what time it is as shown by her wake-up calls to us, always between 6.30 am and 7.00 am as that’s breakfast time for her ( beginning with paw and then claw). She will also shout at us between 5.00ish and 6.00ish pm ( she knows EXACTLY when it’s 6.00 the earlier shouting is simply a “try-on” to get me to fill her bowl sooner) and I of course love her for her timekeeping. Oddly she does get used to British summertime clock changes after a few days. I wonder if its the light that she knows ie if its sort of morning light that means its feeding time and if it’s still dark she will wait ( begrudgingly…)

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    1. Yeah, I think schedule, the day/night cycle and the rumble of their stomachs are their primary methods of timekeeping.

      Bud does the early shouting too, although I guess I interpret it as a sort of countdown reminder: “Ten minutes until yums! My bowl must be filled in ten minutes! Five minutes until yums! My bowl must be filled…”

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    1. That’s funny that he does it at bed time too. You should be flattered. Bud’s like “I’m going to sleep. I would prefer to sleep on you, human mattress, but if not I’m taking up the entire bed and you can deal with it.”


      1. Lol! Tux actually had an upset stomach and the remainder of what he ate was next to me and on the floor a couple of nights ago. Such devotion, leaving it where I would be sure to find it as his loyal servant!

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  3. Very funny……but in my kitty’s home, which he generously shares with me, food is just not a big deal. Our vet says my kitty is “not food motivated “. I wish I could get him to eat more.

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    1. What about those food toppers made by some cat food companies? Getting Bud to eat has never been a problem for me so I’ve never tried them, but they’re made for picky cats.


  4. My cats always have dry food available, they don’t really fret about feeding time. Only one cat is always hungry and on the lookout for treats/meals, but he’s very old and sadly won’t be around much longer.
    So I feed him whenever he begs, which is often.
    Cute art, btw.

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