Woman And Her Boyfriend Drive 440 Miles To Adopt Her Late Grandma’s Cat

If you’re a house cat, your human’s death is just about the worst thing that could happen to you.

Cats are often left to grieve on their own, without any consideration from surviving relatives who may not like animals or cats in particular.

Treated as an afterthought, with no one to comfort or reassure them, those scared cats then endure another trauma when they’re taken from their homes and placed in tiny shelter cages. Depressed and shocked, they’re easily overlooked in shelters.

That’s why it’s heartening to hear about a French woman who drove with her boyfriend from Paris to Cavaillon in southern France to adopt her late grandmother’s beloved cat, Felix. That’s a drive of 708 kilometers — or about 440 miles in the proper ‘Merican measurement of distance — and almost the length of the country. 

Adding to the challenge was the fact that Felix had never travelled before, the woman — who posts as @felixthegoateecat — noted.

“My grandmother was the nicest person,” she wrote. “She always fed Felix because she was always afraid he was hungry.”


It’s pretty clear the late grandmother and Felix had a special bond, and her granddaughter understands that.

She wrote about the process of allowing him to adjust to his new people and surroundings, and documented milestones like the first time he made biscuits in his new home.

So far, it looks like Felix is settling in just fine in his new life as a city cat.

Felix kneading for the first time in his new home

15 thoughts on “Woman And Her Boyfriend Drive 440 Miles To Adopt Her Late Grandma’s Cat”

  1. I took one look at the photo of Felix in Paris and I know that he understands his situation perfectly. He’s shook-up, happy and grateful all at the same time. Knows Granny is gone, lost his familiar home, has a fine new home, and most of all, Felix knows he’s STILL LOVED. Bless Granddaughter’s heart.

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  2. Always nice to hear a family of desceased pet owner not throwing pet into a shelter or thrown into the streets. Have seen this myself.

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  3. That’s commitment!!! A friend of mine had a cat just walk into her house. She checked with the neighbors re: do you know whose cat this is? She was told that the cat belonged to another neighbor who had passed away. They had been told by the family that the cat would be rehomed, but it had been wandering the block for the previous two weeks, progressively getting thinner. My friend kept the cat. This must have been a REALLY well-loved cat. When she examined it, she found that it actually had a glass eye.

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    1. Poor kitty. I’m glad your friend took the cat in. Imagine how devastating, traumatizing and confusing it must be for a cat like that to lose the person they’re bonded with, then get unceremoniously dumped outside, discarded like unwanted junk after all the rest of the stuff has been picked over.

      Felix is a very lucky cat, especially because his new human seems to fully understand how important he was to her grandmother.

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  4. WOW , best news in my inbox all day. Really well done – Felix is blessed and clearly loved by the family. May he live a long and happy life when he settles in his new home

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