‘Where’s Mine, Dude?’: How My Cat Makes Me Feel Guilty

When I adopted Buddy I never thought I’d have such a talkative and friendly cat. Or one who seems to be an expert on human psychology, for that matter.

The little guy has made a habit of following me to the kitchen, even rousing himself from naps the instant he hears the fridge door opening, the rustling of a bag or the clunk of a closing cabinet.

Employing a different strategy than the meow-heavy, “FEED ME NOW!” style he uses at meal time, he sits in the doorway of the kitchen and watches me silently. If I fail to retrieve a snack for him, he doesn’t move.

Last night I’d forgotten to get him something and when I set my cereal bowl down on the coffee table and sank back into the couch, I looked over and saw Bud still sitting in the kitchen doorway, managing to simultaneously look sad and silently incriminating with his big green eyes.

“Where’s mine, dude? Dude, where’s mine?” he seems to say, pouring it on thick. “I thought we did everything together, yet here you are enjoying a snack while your best little Buddy is standing just a few feet away, feeling betrayed as you eat your Frosted Flakes. I guess we weren’t best buddies after all.”

Because I can’t stand that incriminating look and I know the situation will escalate if I don’t act, I dutifully rise from the couch and assume my responsibility as Bud’s faithful human servant, fetching some of his favorite dental treats.

His tail curls into a happy question mark and he trills his happiness.

“Guilty? Betrayed? Ah, all forgotten! Difficulties are dissolved into mere misunderstandings where snacks are concerned, my human friend!”

Maybe I’m overthinking it. Maybe I’m anthropomorphizing the little guy. Or maybe he really is a master of human psychology who can manipulate human emotions with the twist of his paw.

11 thoughts on “‘Where’s Mine, Dude?’: How My Cat Makes Me Feel Guilty”

  1. 🤣🤣🤣I wish i can post photo of my cat TT standing next to cat treat bowl after i gave him one Churro stick. Did not move and just kept staring at me. 😾

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  2. Bella can hear the crunchie bag rustling from anywhere in the house. She does the “shout until they submit” method rather than any guilt trip. She also knows that when Bertie is in the house, she should be around as she will get treats to stop her from eating his ( amazingly, he is happy to share with her – normally unheard of with cats !!!). She also employs the “rollover and look cute” trick in the evening on the sofa so we both go “ooh and ahh and she gets crunchies ( they are special weight management crunchies). I am absolutely sure there is a cat school of “conmanship” somewhere that they all go to. Bella has a first-class honours degree from it…

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  3. My cat Pixie doesn’t bother to manipulate me. She’ll bite and scratch when she doesn’t get whatever it is she wants. Pix knows who’s in charge!

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  4. I’ve had cats almost my whole life, and never had one who would scream and yell for food. Although I did have one who loved eggs so much that when I would make myself scrambled eggs – something I did very rarely – she would get up on the table, and try to get the eggs out of my mouth.

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