Feline Purrpaganda II: Posters To Inspire You To Serve Your Furry Masters


It has come to the attention of the High Ministry of Yums that our previous motivational posters increased snack-bestowing by 176 percent and resulted in improved quality of service from our human servants.

In the interest of furthering the felino-human partnership, particularly the aspect of it in which humans dote on felines, we offer the following posters, newly commissioned and approved by the Secretary of Yums himself.

For the glory of the meowtherland!

“The revolution shall be delicious.” – Dear Leader Buddy, “Reflections At Mealtime

“Glory is the reward for humans who provide snacks in abundance.” -Dear Leader Buddy, “Quotations

“Admiration for your feline superior must be expressed in affection and confections, preferably crunchy with a soft, meaty center.”


In honor of our storied forbears, this motivational poster is classically styled.
“VALAR DOHAERYS” means “All men must serve” in High Valyrian. What could be more appropriate?
“To each cat, his share of snacks.” – Chairman Meow, ‘Five Harmonies of Treat Distribution’


A reminder to your humans that obeisance is compulsory.


Comrades who wish to print these posters for the edification of their humans are welcome to do so. Right click > Save, then open and print.

If the spirit of communal yums should strike you and inspire you to share these motivational messages, kindly credit and link this site.

May you be showered with delectable tokens of your human’s unending loyalty!

End communication.


12 thoughts on “Feline Purrpaganda II: Posters To Inspire You To Serve Your Furry Masters”

  1. 😀. I shall obey ALL directives Comrade Buddy. Ash, KitKat and Merlin have just received afternoon treat’s and are waiting for me to go to work to earn money for more wonderful snack’s. Your post’s really make my day. Carry on 😁😸😸😸

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    1. “Wise is the feline who reminds his human of her compulsory duties, for his reward shall be measured in deliciousness.” – Chairman Meow, “Meditations On Leisure Time”


      1. Hey Big Buddy  Thanks for  writing Pain in the Bud. It always brightens the day for the Food Lady and me.  Your fan, 

        Cosmo Blackkat, Lord of Everything

        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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  2. 🤣🤣🤣Hold on! Is this supposed to tell me to give my cat TWO Churros instead of one? I found a great cheap substitute. My friend said it has no preservatives.CHICKEN OR TURKEY BABY FOOD!! He cannot tell the difference.

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    1. “Ample rewards in purrs and cuddles await those humans who recognize the great privilege of serving their feline overlords. In the new era they shall be first among humans…although still beneath cats, obviously.”

      – Chairman Meow, “Crepuscular Considerations: The Appendices”


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