A Woman Wanted This Gorgeous Kitty Euthanized For Litter Box Issues

Lulu is 13 years old and began eliminating outside her litter box last year after a long life of doing her business properly.

Instead of realizing that a change in behavior was almost certainly precipitated by health issues — and attempting to get those issues sorted out — Lulu’s “owner” brought her to a veterinarian to be euthanized.

The vet realized Lulu was healthy and her issues were easily remedied, wisely persuaded the woman to sign over ownership of Lulu and brought the Himalayan to the local SPCA. She’s been there since December.

Lulu had urinary crystals which were remedied after a change in diet, and she hasn’t had an “accident” in months.

Staff at the SPCA want people to know that they don’t have to surrender a cat for litter box issues or other behavioral changes even if they think they can’t afford veterinary treatment.

“If your pet is not behaving or their behavior has changed, the first step is to get them to a vet to see if something is medically wrong. Even if it is not a medical condition, there are numerous resources — many available at Dutchess County SPCA — to help resolve the issue and avoid both euthanasia and surrender to a shelter,” Lyne Meloccaro of the Dutchess County SPCA told People. “Medical assistance, expert guidance, and management plans, and training referrals are all available for you.”

Lulu has a regal bearing, an epic coat and beautiful coloring. Credit: Dutchess County SPCA

Dutchess County, which is about 75 miles north of New York City, happens to be the former college stomping grounds of Big Buddy. I graduated from Marist College and lived in the area for some years after. The SPCA there does good work, and its law enforcement division has handled some high profile animal-related crimes over the years.

It’s sad that Lulu lost her home after 13 years, but maybe it’s for the best if she ends up with a devoted servant who will really love her. Her caretakers at the SPCA say she’s stubborn, demands affection on her own terms and wants an “emotional support human.”

Lulu is still available for adoption. The SPCA says she’ll do best as an only cat in a quiet household, and we have no doubt she’ll bring joy to the lucky person who brings her home.

15 thoughts on “A Woman Wanted This Gorgeous Kitty Euthanized For Litter Box Issues”

    1. I think ignorance probably plays a part, and not all cats are lucky enough to live in homes where they’re really loved. I can’t imagine Lulu’s human loved her if she thought it was okay to have her euthanized for litter box issues.

      I hope she finds her way into the home and heart of someone who will really care for her, so maybe this ordeal will be a good thing ultimately.

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      1. My friend a rescuer went to ACC one time to euthanize a feral cat that ate rat poison and was half dead. I waited in car. She came out crying. Not for the cat but for this pos who bought cat back because cat played in litterbox and litter all over the place. NO JOKE!! And she knew what they would do to this cat.

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  1. Oh for Pete’s sake! The first step is a vet exam, then, you care for your elderly pet. Puppy pads work wonders when older kitties don’t quite make it to the litterbox. Low sided litterboxes help too. So does just plain cleaning it up.

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    1. Let me tell you about 19 year old cat i catsit for. She poops on floor and pees in box. That is just the way it is. Nothing can be done. Owners do not care and i do not care cleaning up after her.

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    1. Not waiting for hell to take over garbage family who dumped cat on me. Friend found family members in 5 states. Some on Facebook. I am not on Facebook but friends are. Dumped cats vet told me no one called him to release her medical records. HELL ON EARTH FOR THESE PEOPLE.


      1. Furmina the cat that was dumped? Photos were taken to put on website and she gets a check up on 24th. After that, she will be posted with her story and her new medical records. I put a flier in front of my house with tabs and two were taken. I know because she is 14 this will take time.

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