Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s Millionaire Cat, Has Been Invited To The 2023 Met Gala

She drinks out of silver bowls, is toted around in a custom $3,000 Louis Vuitton carrier and pads out her fortune by earning millions hawking makeup and luxury vehicles.

Now Choupette, the sapphire-eyed cat who belonged to the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, has been invited to the most exclusive party in the world.

Choupette’s agent, Lucas Berullier, confirmed receipt of a Met Gala invitation to the New York Post, but was coy when asked if Choupette would actually show up.

The Birman cat was personally invited by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who oversees the event, and the Post points out Choupette could play a central role because the 2023 gala will honor Lagerfeld and his career as the creative director for Chanel.

Choupette is credited with mellowing the icy German designer, who quickly fell in love with her and made her his muse, adding her to fashion shoots where she lounged in the arms of models like Vanessa Paradis and Cara Delevingne.

Choupette and Lagerfeld
Lagerfeld photographs Choupette, his beloved Birman cat.

Choupette appears in the current issue of Vogue, cradled by supermodel Naomi Campbell on a bridge in Paris’ Grand Palais. The photo and others in the gallery were shot by Annie Leibovitz.

The exact size of Choupette’s fortune has never been publicly disclosed, but publications like Forbes have reported Lagerfeld left $13 million of his $200 million-plus net worth to the pampered feline. Choupette has added to her largess over the years, amassing further millions as she appears in advertisements, fashion campaigns and photoshoots.

Lagerfeld’s former housekeeper, Françoise Caçote, cares for Choupette and manages her social media accounts.

The Met Gala is a charitable event, so normally it wouldn’t feel right to snark about it, but “the most prestigious fashion event” of the year looks like a Zoolander scene come to life. Guests are required to attend in haute couture outfits by prominent fashion designers, which means the typical attendee’s clothes and accessories cost more than many Americans earn in a year.

There’s a theme every year — aside from the usual preening privilege and a collective effort to ignore reality — and the outfits are ostensibly “costumes,” but no one’s showing up in stuff they bought from Party City.

Choupette and supermodel Laetitia Costa pose for V Magazine. Choupette has also appeared on the cover of Vogue several times.

And while the gala is technically a charitable event, the proceeds won’t help starving kids or war victims — as the brainchild of Wintour, the event is designed to raise money for the fashion world to further celebrate itself.

When I see people like Wintour, the celebrities in her orbit and the old money types who like to be photographed at these events, I enjoy thinking about how they’d react if their jets went down over a place like the Amazon, and all the Dolce and Gabbana in the world can’t help them build a fire or catch dinner. “Do you know who I am?” doesn’t work in jungles.

But the one character I will never insult is Choupette herself. Buddy looks very handsome in a tuxedo, and I shall realize my plan to sneak him into one of these parties, have the two of them “accidentally” bump into each other, and let Buddy’s charm do the rest. Then he’ll really be living large. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s Millionaire Cat, Has Been Invited To The 2023 Met Gala”

  1. LOVE this & all your wry insights. Here’s to Choupette! (hope she doesn’t go because I think it would be too stressful and demeaning for a true goddess.)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, and good point. Choupette is probably used to some level of weirdness, but a party attended by hundreds is not really a great place for a cat.

      She needs to go on a date with Buddy, obviously.

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  2. It shows the power cats can easily have over even the highly rich and privileged, like Lagerfeld—well done to Choupette for promoting the feline domination cause. They were once Gods and obviously, in a few cases still are.

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  3. Choupette is adorable, I’m glad she’s well taken care of. There’s lots to dislike about the fashion industry, and you’ve covered the inanities of the upcoming gala well, Big Buddy.
    A Choupette/Buddy date would be a match made in heaven! But would Choupette request Buddy to move in with her? Would Buddy enter the glittering world of the fashion icons?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Julie B gave me an idea to write an article about Buddy, Tux and other cats participating in The Bachelorette: Choupette, so some of those questions will be answered lol.

      I asked Bud if he’d turn on the charm for Choupette and he said “Brrrrrt!” which is an encouraging sign.

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