BUDDINGRAD, Novyy Buddesia — The High Ministry of Yums calls on all human comrades to obey their feline masters, particularly when it comes to matters of food.

Beloved Leader Buddy the Cat reminds comrades that it is their sacred duty to the motherland to make sure kitties eat well. In the words of His Meowgnificence: “A happy cat with a full belly is a productive cat.” (Chairman Meow, “Qualities of A Perfect Catocracy”) “To each feline, his share of snacks.” (Chairman Meow, “Five Harmonies of Yum Distribution”)

We offer the following motivational slogan to increase snack-providing productivity among the human population: “PROVIDE MORE SNACKS. THE MEOWS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL YOU OBEY.”

We encourage comrades to display the attached posters in addition to the mandatory images of His Meowgnificence which grace the walls of every home, school, government office and place of business in the motherland.

End communication.




  1. Giggle 🤭. I will get to posting this immediately! Ash, KitKat and Merlin insist I share this important order to my brother so Jazz will be given more snack’s freely. Thank you leader Buddy 😊

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    1. Sure. You should be able to see them in higher resolution when you download, but if not let me know and I will put the full res files up separately. Sometimes WordPress concerts images to weird formats.

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  2. Those posters are AWESOME. I’ve always resisted giving the furmily snacks, because snacks = junk food. However, recently, they wrangled me a job, where three days a week, I work from 2:00 pm-9:00 pm. Because 2:00 pm is too early for din din, and by 9:00 pm, all will have starved to death – so they claim – they get an afternoon snack of Greenies. And a late dinner. (Originally they were hoping for a candlelight dinner. Not happening.)

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