Big Buddy’s Performance Slips In Latest Cat Servant Evaluation

NEW YORK — The quality of Big Buddy’s work as a cat servant has been downgraded to “satisfactory” during his latest performance review, Buddy the Cat announced Tuesday.

The downgrade marks the end of a long streak for the dedicated human, who has consistently received high marks for impeccable service ever since he adopted the mercurial silver tabby cat.

“Big Buddy has always been a reliable servant, but in recent months his work has suffered in inexcusable ways,” Buddy the Cat told reporters at a news conference. “For instance, dinner was two minutes and thirty seven seconds late on December 14th, and on January 8th Big Buddy disregarded my need for uninterrupted beauty sleep when he got up to use the bathroom despite the fact that I was sleeping on his chest. That was a deep betrayal of trust.”

The human will automatically enter a probationary period triggered by the performance downgrade. In order to remain in good standing he’ll need to avoid being tardy with Buddy’s meals, ensure he anticipates Buddy’s demands for head scratches, and regularly remind Buddy he’s a very good and very handsome boy.

Buddy, above, has suffered from subpar service and was forced to downgrade his human’s servant scores.

Felix Meowson, a professor of servantology at the Feline Servant Academy of New York, said Big Buddy faces considerable challenges ahead.

“He’ll need to be attentive and hyper-vigilant going forward if he wants to return to good standing. Weeks worth of excellent service could be ruined by accidentally stepping on a tail or failing to top off the dry food bowl before bed,” Meowson said.

He pointed to The Great Disappointment of 2012 when Monica Morales, servant to a cat named Smudge, allowed a door to remain closed between her and her feline master for more than three hours.

“Monica’s evaluations had never slipped below ‘outstanding,’ but that little stunt cost her dearly and she was downgraded to ‘unacceptable,” Meowson said. “She wasn’t the recipient of an affectionate head bump for almost three months, and didn’t hear a purr for four. She was a cat servant in the dog house, so to speak.”

Buddy said he wanted to avoid the situation with his human becoming as severe.

“You can’t just buy your way out of this with treats, although treats are an important component of the remedial process,” he said. “This is about correcting an injustice, and restoring things to their natural order in which we eat, sleep and lounge, and humans see to our every need.”



7 thoughts on “Big Buddy’s Performance Slips In Latest Cat Servant Evaluation”

    1. I stocked up on treats today since one of his favorites were on sale @ 3 bags for $5. He’s happy for now.

      I have one of those things shaped like an egg with a happy cat face on it. You put treats inside and the cat has to bat it around to knock the treats out.

      Since Bud’s a cat who loves batting/swiping stuff it’s like a little game to him, and he likes it so much more than if I just give him a few treats and he gobbles them up. I love that simple little things like that make them happy.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Treat dispenser! I’ve got one shaped like a mouse, and it wobbles when the cats bat it. But now one cat has figured out how to take the top off to get all the treats at once!

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  1. Mee-yow Buddy you REELLY downgraded Big Buddy!!
    BellaSita’ss evaluashun was even werser butt shee was so sick mee amended mee reeport. Doess Big Buddy have a health issue?? Pain??
    BellaSita promsied shee WUUD make sure to top up Kibbless nitely as shee furgot quite a few timess (due to stewpid pain!)
    Wee hope Big Buddy endss up back inn Good Standin soon!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an **lookss sheepish** BellaSita Mum

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