Entrepreneurial Cat Introduces ‘SmartHuman’ Feeding System

NEW YORK — Life is full of unpleasantness, like being able to see the bottom of your bowl. But what if someone told you he could fix that?

Enter Buddy the Cat’s SmartHuman Feeding System™, a device that harnesses the power of AI and cutting-edge hardware to make sure you never see the bottom of your bowl again.

SmartHuman was designed with weight sensors and an AI-enabled camera system to determine when the food in your bowl is getting low. If the on-board algorithms detect low levels of kibble, SmartHuman sends a text to your servant every 15 seconds until the device registers fresh kibble in the bowl.


And if the unthinkable should happen and you really are subjected to the horrific sight of the bottom of your bowl, SmartHuman’s built-in klaxon and emergency lights guarantee your human servants won’t have a second’s peace until they do what they’re supposed to and promptly refill your bowl. The system even requires the human to issue an apology before the sound and lights subside.

“I haven’t had to meow in annoyance or raise a paw once since I got the SmartHuman system,” raved Def the Defenestrator, a popular catfluencer with more than 240,000 followers on Meower. “The threat of getting bombarded with 110-decibel alerts to refill my bowl is enough to make my human servant get off her lazy behind and make sure my bowl is refilled before there’s a problem.”

The SmartHuman’s inventor has a background in feline teleportation and string cheese theory, but was prompted to design his device when he saw the bottom of his dry food bowl twice in as many months.

“I was literally starving,” Buddy said, adding that his “lazy human servant made me wait four minutes and 13 seconds before he refilled my bowl” during the second incident.

Vowing never to go hungry again, the entrepawneur built the first SmartHuman prototype in his garage, using a Raspberry Pi and a digital scale he ordered off Amazon.

He brought his idea to Shark Tank in late 2021 and successfully pitched Mr. Wonderful, who bought a 15 percent stake in SmartHuman™ in exchange for a $150,000 investment. The product entered production earlier this summer and is now available in stores and online.

“Cats love the SmartHuman™, but humans? Not so much,” Buddy the Cat admitted.

Mr. Wonderful
Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary) outbid fellow Sharks Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran and Laurie Greiner to partner with Buddy the Cat and invest in SmartHuman™.

Not one to rest on his laurels, the inventive feline said he’s working on a software update that will make the device compatible with wet food as well. In early beta testing, SmartHuman successfully prompted humans to feed wet food to their feline masters on time. Wet Mode includes a new feature as well: If the wet food remains untouched after a three-minute timer elapses, SmartHuman sends another text to the human, informing them the food isn’t satisfactory and should be replaced with another meal.

“Humans are stupid, and they don’t understand when we meow to them in complaint because we don’t feel like eating tuna or whatever on a given night when we’d prefer turkey,” Buddy said. “When this update goes live, cats will be able to enjoy meals of their choosing, every time.”

8 thoughts on “Entrepreneurial Cat Introduces ‘SmartHuman’ Feeding System”

      1. Yes, there is no excuse and Tux has been making some inquiries about a human cone of shame! Fortunately , the Blue Buffalo treats smooth over these transgressions!

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  1. The circle on the Bottom of the Bowl picture was far too large! It should be no more than the size of a quarter.
    Cats have incredibly fine sensibilities and can tell the smallest infraction of their rules.
    My cats drew the line at a quarter-sized emptiness.

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  2. Mew mew mew mew mew mew mew mew….Buddy yore so clevurr!!
    Thanxfullee BellaStia iss propurrlee trained an reefillss Kibble bowl 2 timess a day…
    Now THE deevice to xplain what wet food mee wuud like cuud prove furry usefull.
    Shee bringss out THE Salmon Pate an mee iss like Turkey Pate T-U-R-K-E-Y!Count mee inn fore wet food deevice!!
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma

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    1. Exactly. Buddy feels these humans need to be trained, and to treat their responsibilities more like wait staff at a restaurant, who take orders instead of merely bringing out food of their choosing.


      1. When mee ferst gotted here Big Buddy mee thott mee was inn a Hoe-tell. Mee lived inn bedroom for 4 monthss non-stop an mealss were brott efurry 4 hourss. An fresh water an treetss twice a day…Mew mew mew…and BellaSita wuud come inn an meow to mee….those were THE dayss 😉

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