Karl Lagerfeld’s Millionaire Cat Travels By Private Jet, Drinks From Silver Dishes

Choupette Lagerfeld travels the world in her own private jet, appears in commercials for Japanese beauty projects and has graced high fashion covers, including a shoot with French supermodel Laetitia Casta for V Magazine.

At one point she traveled with a body guard, two minders, a personal chef and her own doctor, according to the New York Times. She drinks and eats from silver bowls and enjoys a one-of-a-kind Louis Vuitton carrier.

Oh, and she’s worth millions.

Choupette (“sweetie” in French) is a white-and-cream Birman with subtle tabby marks on her head, and she was adopted by Karl Lagerfeld in 2011. The German designer, who was the creative director of fashion houses Chanel and Fendi, died of pancreatic cancer in February of 2019 but left a considerable fortune to his cat.

On Thursday, Choupette’s minders marked her 11th birthday by sharing a snap to her Instagram, choupetteofficiel, showing the fabulously wealthy feline aboard her private jet, with a cake presumably made of pâté, a bottle of champagne, balloons and various gifts from her late human’s fashion collections.

“Happy birthday to me,” the post reads. The pampered puss’ Instagram has 121,000 followers.

Choupette's birthday
Choupette celebrated her birthday on Aug. 18. A snap shows her celebrating on her private jet, which ferries her between modeling gigs and vacation spots like Ibiza.

No one’s sure precisely how much Choupette is worth, but Lagerfeld — who had a net worth between $170 million and $300 million, per reports — left her a considerable sum.

“She’s an heiress,” Lagerfeld told an interviewer. She “has her own little fortune.”

Like human celebrities she’s the subject of net worth profiles on various sites, which list an often-cited $13 million number. Some of that money includes her own earnings for commercials in Japan and Germany, where she’s been the face of beauty products and luxury cars, respectively.

Laetitia Casta and Choupette
Sacre bleu! The Eiffel Tower, a French supermodel and Choupette! This photo was printed in V Magazine, which featured Laetitia Casta and Choupette in a 10-page spread.

I’m kind of at a loss for words here. Anything I could say seems so obvious.

However, I’m thinking it may be time to put Buddy’s good looks and charm to use for once and arrange some sort of meet cute with Choupette.

The name Buddy would have to go. He’d have to be called something appropriately, Frenchly snooty, like Jean-Luc Budélard Lucien or Yves Buddiene Baptiste. I’d have to school him in Parisian meowing, invent a suitably bohemian upbringing for him, and fabulate a skill that hints at his creative genius. Perhaps he’s inspired by Choupette’s late human and works as creative director of the Buddeaux fashion house, or maybe he creates abstract art by smearing paint on a canvas with his paw pads.

Meanwhile, in India…

Street kids eat from the garbage, wear tattered clothes and exist beneath the notice of the rest of society.

37 thoughts on “Karl Lagerfeld’s Millionaire Cat Travels By Private Jet, Drinks From Silver Dishes”

  1. Maybe give some of that money so people do not have to give up thier pets because they cannot afford them any longer? I volunteer for a cat rescue group and catsit free of charge for fosters. I am now catsitting for two cats that were given up. I cannot imagine how hard it is to give up pets. My heart would break

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    1. I did not mean to suggest the children eating garbage was not appalling. I just did not scroll down to read rest of story because i was disgusted. I have nothing against rich people but FEED HUNGRY CHILDREN. Few rich people give money for starving children.

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    1. Yeah for better or worse, I do engage in a decent amount of snark on this blog when it feels warranted. Like I wrote, it felt like any words in response to Lagerfeld’s excesses would be obvious, but the picture says it all.

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    1. Yup. It felt like words would be trite, and an image would be more powerful. I think Lagerfeld’s spoiling of Choupette even outdoes Paris Hilton’s lavish spending on her dogs, who have their own air-conditioned mansion, complete with designer custom furniture.


  2. A few questions: who takes care of Choupette? Does she have a lawyer? Where does she live when she isn’t modeling?
    Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld wanted to provide for his Choupette, and that’s fine. It would have been even better if some of his money would have gone to help needy cats and yes, needy children.

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    1. Choupette now lives with Lagerfeld’s former housekeeper. I’m not sure if the housekeeper also maintains the Instagram page or if someone else does the PR stuff,

      There’s a popular Twitter parody account portraying Choupette as a demanding diva, but that’s run by a woman who is not affiliated with Lagerfeld’s estate.

      There are a lot of unknowns about the whole arrangement.

      Meanwhile, I have Buddy (or should I say Count Buddeax?) working on perfecting a Parisian meow.

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      1. Maybe Mademoiselle Choupette would prefer a hugely meowsceled bad boy American cat for a change … she’s probably had her fill of perfumed, couture-wearing French toms …

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      2. Good thinking. She might not be able to resist a rugged-looking Buddy in a cowboy hat, meowing in a distinct drawl. He’s endured quite a bit of me practicing (and failing at) a Sam Elliott impression, so surely he can meow like a real ‘Merican cat:

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    2. How do you know it didn’t?
      It says apart of his $170 M fortune, like $13M or so.

      Have you researched to see if he gave to good charities? .y guess is he probably gave millions. If I’m wrong, so be it.

      But so tired of people jumping to conclusions.


      1. I posted some questions about Lagerfeld’s arrangements for his cat. Are you here to argue with every poster you disagree with?

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      2. No. And not here to receive “snippy” little shutdown of conversation comments either. God doesn’t like arrogant pride.

        Also, there is no way to edit a comment after it is sent. I was aware of misspelling avant guard but pushed sent too soon. The Pain in the Bud article on Lagerfields cat was hilarious, and I laughed out loud ’til my eyes teared.

        But I will need to unsubscribe, only because of the ugly “Quilby” replies; also no way to edit.

        May God Bless you and the writer of the delightful Lagerfeld cat piece, which was hilarious!


    1. Well, I agree with you about making plans for the cat’s future if you’re the one who goes first. I’ve made my family swear someone will take Bud and treat him like an extension of me if something ever happened to me.

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  3. Choupette has her own pirrivate jet? An all this $money$???
    Iss not herr fault…but what was Mistur Karl thinkin?? Yore foto at end of post meowss it all Big Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mistur Karl’ss fortune cuud save so many livess…nothin purrsonal to Choupette, butt her owner was inncredibly self-absorbed….hee CUUD have made a REEL diffyrence an still let his Kitty Girl live her life inn comfert…
    Waht due you think Buddy?
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an 😦 BellaSita Mum

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    1. The fashion world is all about this kind of gross excess and absurdity. You’re right, Choupette doesn’t even know what’s going on.

      Lagerfeld apparently didn’t have the self-awareness to realize the world is full of Choupettes who need homes and basic care.

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      1. Many thanx @ R. Johnson mee iss a semi-feral kitty girl an mee meowss yore language as best mee can!! Mee sure iss Avant Guarde as you meowed…thanx fore noticin!!! Mee wantss to bee a RITER butt mee has a long way to o! Yore language iss diffycult!! 😉
        **purrss** BellaDharma


  4. Typical of the Rich elite, I’m sure this beautiful kitty would of been just as happy as long as she was in a loving happy home with normal healthy kitty food. And not the overly rich rubbish she’s being fed..and what’s with the private jet..🤦‍♀️ Meanwhile most of that money could of gone to one’s most in need. I’m curious as to what will happen once she passes away herself.

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    1. Since the details of the will are private, it’s not clear what will happen to Choupette’s millions once she’s gone, but if Lagerfeld’s former housekeeper is the legal owner of Choupette, it makes sense that she’d be the beneficiary.

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  5. Fabulous. I have 4 cats and every penny I leave will be there’s, I donate to charity before you all start shouting but my cats are my babies and will never want. As for the starving how about the governments of these countries feeding them

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    1. Poor starving kids of India…….does everyone have brain fog…..what about our poor starving own in America, including the Native Americans!! NEVER hear mention about that though…..


  6. Seems the cat has a very large carbon paw print.

    Maybe stop glorifying celebrities, athletes and all the other ilk who whine and complain we need to reduce our carbon footprint while they lavishly live in their 10-20,000 sq ft mansions with 20 cars a private jet and their yacht.

    Then they whine when their homes are being burned down by wildfires.


  7. I have Birman cats , the are so loving and caring. Karl definitely loved Choupette she deserves to be pampered. I wish more people would leave money to cats.

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