Choupette Stays Home, But Jaret Leto Is Her Dead Ringer At Met Gala

As we suspected, Choupette the cat didn’t attend Monday night’s Met Gala in honor of her late human, Karl Lagerfeld, but the famous feline was there in spirit.

Rapper Doja Cat paid tribute to the famous Burmese with cat ears and a dress inspired by her fluffy white fur, but it was Jared Leto who stole the show in a full cat suit, complete with a heavy-looking headpiece that looks just like Choupette.

Like all cats, Choupette isn’t big on human parties, with Lagerfeld asserting she’s “not a party girl” when he showed up without her to a New York event honoring Tilda Swinton in 2013, despite the feline being listed as the designer’s plus-one.

Choupette’s more than 12 years old now, so she’s getting up there for a cat, and it makes sense that her caretaker, Lagerfeld’s former housekeeper, decided the famous kitty would be better off staying home in France rather than taking the long flight and possibly being freaked out as the center of attention at a well-attended, noisy party.

It’s entirely possible that Choupette could have run under a piece of furniture and spent the rest of the night hissing at staff tasked with coaxing her out, so declining the invite was a wise call.

Props to Leto for his hilarious and accurate costume, and for being a good sport. The weather here in New York is about 50 degrees tonight, so it’s not warm, but Leto’s costume still looks stifling.

If you’re into this sort of thing, you can see the rest of the celebrities in their outfits here. There was some blowback prior to the event, and the Washington Post ran an article detailing Lagerfeld’s “problematic” (oh how I hate that word) past, meaning about half a dozen off-color comments he made in almost a half century in the public eye.

A group of young fashion world regulars who are affiliated with the gala sat out this year, saying the act of honoring Lagerfeld was “exclusionary,” which I found hilarious. High fashion and haute couture are by their nature exclusionary, and the Met Gala is perhaps the most exclusive of parties. Tickets are $50,000 apiece, attendance is invitation-only, and the guest list is comprised only of people Vogue editor Anna Wintour considers “fabulous” enough to be in her presence.

There is no such thing as diversity or inclusion in an event like the Met Gala or in the fashion world, so they might as well be honest and own it. Maybe next year they can adopt a Zoolander theme and show the world the fashion world can have a sense of humor and poke fun at itself.

But despite all the absurdity, we can’t help liking Choupette, and Lagerfeld’s story of falling in love with the cuddly kitty late in life after never imagining he’d have a cat, let alone dote on her like a beloved child.

10 thoughts on “Choupette Stays Home, But Jaret Leto Is Her Dead Ringer At Met Gala”

  1. Looks like people had fun at the gala. Jared Leto’s cat costume is extremely well done and probably cost a fortune. It looks less ridiculous than some of the gowns and suits featured by the stars.
    Looks like Buddy didn’t get a chance to wow Choupette with his manly meowscles, what will he do now?

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  2. Absurdity is a good word, but hey it is the fashion business… yep we definitely like Choupette. Any PR for the careful handling of any animal is to be praised. Now if I carry on shaming/getting them to eliminate leather, fur etc etc by only buying Vegan, I will die a happy man

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  3. Big Buddy and Little Buddy, I think the likeness of Choupette is fantastic and applaud the gentleman who wore it! (He should have gotten in free for his inventiveness!) I agree with Quilpy! Some of those people should have worn designer Buddy and Spunkmeyer outfits! Way more interesting than “how much boob can I show?'”
    Sorry… I am quite disgusted! Spunkmeyer and Little Buddy would look good as Artful Designers and if given a chance would be able to redesign some of those outfits with a claw or two!

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    1. It’s a weird event and a weird crowd. I would like a costume of Buddy like the one Leto wore of Choupette though! There was an article about the design company and how they put the costume together in just a few weeks after signing an NDA. It didn’t mention how much the project cost Leto, though it couldn’t have been cheap.


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