The Look On This Cat’s Face When He Sees A Bear Is Priceless

It’s safe to say kitty isn’t going outside any time soon.

Since we’ve been debating the merits of indoor vs outdoor cats here on Pain In The Bud, perhaps we’ve stumbled on the easiest way to turn outdoor roamers into indoor cuddlers — just invite a bear to take a sniff around your front lawn and make sure your feline friend has a front row seat.

This cat’s expression says it all the first time he sees a bear:

“Oh my God, look at his face!” kitty’s human whispers before comforting the little guy with some strokes on his furry head to let him know all is well and he isn’t in danger.

I’m pretty sure Buddy wouldn’t last as long as this cat. He’d totally kick the bear’s ass and assert dominion over his territory run and hide under the bed, then meow to me in an hour or two to see if it’s safe to come out.

12 thoughts on “The Look On This Cat’s Face When He Sees A Bear Is Priceless”

  1. LOL!! The look on my face when i saw 4 raccoons in my garden. Have not seen any for years. And thank God my feral cat Bootsy is not dumb enough to pick a fight. Runs away.

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      1. I named him Bootsey because he is huge black and white with white boots for paws. Huge as in muscular. Not fat. As big as he is i still do not want him fighting raccoons. And as big as he is he runs away from my squirrel Stubby. Stubby because he lost half his tail. Comical seeing him run away from squirrels.

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    1. My huge cat Charles went out and made friends with the raccoons that lived next door. The mama raccoon actually came to the house and “barked” and Charles was frantic to get outside. Those raccoons went all over the neighborhood through the sewers. I saw them a mile away from home.

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  2. Tbh, the cat’s reaction is totally understandable, it knows the bear is dangerous. Where does this family live? When I lived in Alaska it wasn’t unusual to see a moose in the city (or backyard, scratching through the snowed-in vegetable garden. But a bear? No thank you!

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    1. I’m not sure where they live, and this clip is one of those new “YouTube Shorts” which don’t have static pages so there doesn’t appear to be a description section like normal videos have. Looks like this is YouTube’s attempt at competing with TikTok.

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  3. Tux believes you are mistaken about the courage of Buddy! Word on the street is that he is so meowscled and formidable appearing that even while napping, no other rational opponent will take him on!

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    1. Tux is right of course, that must be it. Buddy’s huge meowscles and legendary kung fu skills dissuade any bear or other large animal from trying to infringe on Bud’s territory. Tux himself gets by on his abundance of charm and dapper sartorial habits.

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      1. That charm is on full display, earning him several blue buffalo treats! I keep telling him he has to dial back for the next vet visit, but he is convinced that since his physique was deemed โ€œideal โ€œ at recent visits, he has a green light to expect/demand treats!

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