Dear Buddy: Become Our Celebrity Spokescat!

Dear Buddy,

We’re a group of entrepawneurs making all natural, delicious cat treats. Unlike humans, we know what cats want, which is why our treats aren’t made from chicken, salmon or beef — they’re all-natural, 100 percent mouse!

We’ve been talking about hiring a celebrity spokescat for our company, Of Mice and Meows, and we’d like to offer you the job!

What do you say, pal? You’ll be generously compensated in catnip and snacks!

Startup In San Diego

Dear San Diego,

It says here your product is only available in 14 stores and your total revenue for the last fiscal year was $476.23.

I just don’t see the logic in your valuation. Your idea is sound, but you’re entering a crowded market, and most of all the potential reward is not worth the risk that I’ll be taking on, especially if it eats into my 16 hour sleep cycles.

In addition to the scalability question, mouse is cool, but lack of turkey is not. And for those reasons, I’m out.


Dear Buddy,

Did you just Shark Tank us?

Startup In San Diego

10 thoughts on “Dear Buddy: Become Our Celebrity Spokescat!”

  1. Of course Buddy has to weigh each opportunity carefully and nothing tops turkey! Will you be repawsenting Buddy as his agent if the all important sleep schedule is breached?

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  2. Yeah! Not enough revenue! That wouldn’t keep my Maine Coon eating for very long.. And besides he would rather play with a mouse than eat one! He says there is nothing worse than “mouse breath”.

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  3. Wow, that’s some harsh truth from Buddy! The cat knows business, that’s for sure. No turkey no deal: the startup should have done a little research first!!

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    1. The idea of Bud appearing on Shark Tank as a guest shark is oddly hilarious to me. He’d yawn rudely and nap through presentations that don’t hold his interest, then perk up whenever food is mentioned. Kind of like what he always does.

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