Buddy Thinks This Treat Is A Toy

Cats love ’em, they said. It’ll be a great bonding experience, they said. You’ll have to stop your cat from eating too much, they said.

I had high hopes for the “squeeze” treats and was looking forward to getting home and giving Buddy a snack he hadn’t had before.

The problem? The Budster cannot get it through his stubborn little head that the squeeze treats are food.

He thinks they’re some sort of toy and every time I try to give him some, he head bunts the lickable chicken paste like it’s something he’s claiming with his scent, along with his plushies and wands.

After wiping the stuff off the top of his head for the umpteenth time, I squeezed a little bit of it on a paper towel and set it down for him, reasoning that he must finally understand it’s food.

Nope. Bud approached it, sniffed it, then dipped his face in it!

Bud praying
“Please grant me turkey, so that I might eat more delicious yums!”

I’m not sure if this result means the stuff is so processed it doesn’t register as food, or if Bud’s just dense. After all, other cats love it, and we’re talking about a cat who whose idiosyncratic behaviors range from folding both front paws together and raising them as if in prayer, to spending months in late kittenhood engaging in boxing matches with the Bizarro Buddy in the mirror.

(I always knew when Bud was participating in a boxing match because I’d hear “Mmmmrrrrppp!” followed by THWAP THWAP THWAP! as his little paws hammered the glass. Then I’d gently pick him up off the table and set him down on the floor, praising him for his pugilistic skills while redirecting him to a less potentially destructive activity.)

Maybe I’ll try mixing some of the paste in with Bud’s wet food. Will he understand if it’s served with his beloved turkey? Or will be smoosh his entire face into the bowl and leave me with another mess to clean up?

Stay tuned until the next installment, same Buddy time, same Buddy channel!

10 thoughts on “Buddy Thinks This Treat Is A Toy”

  1. This is called “lick um ups” at our house. We started getting it because one of our cats would only eat the juice off wet food and that wasn’t enough nutrition. We put it in one of his food bowls, added a little warm water to thin it out a bit and he’d eat it. Then we tried it on the other cats. They love it too.

    We’ve never given it to them out of the tube. They wouldn’t know what to what to do with it, just like Buddy. Try doing what we did and maybe he’ll figure out it’s really yummy! Good luck!

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  2. Most of my cats don’t care for the tubes, even when the food’s presented on a plate. The stuff’s good for sick cats who will refuse solid food.
    OT: the Washington Post ran a great article about the other Buddy from Pennsylvania yesterday! He’s doing really well!

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    1. I saw that too. Glad he’s continuing to adjust, and that it seems like he’s found his forever home. He deserves it. Plus it’s hard to imagine anyone doing a better job caring for him than the woman who saved his life.

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  3. These horrible little tubes are hit and miss with my cats: some love them while others turn up their little noses. But like another poster said, the tubes are good for sick cats who refuse solid food. Poor Micro ate tubes until his last day, and he ate them Buddy-style, i.e. smeared all over his head. RIP Micro.

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