Buddy Denounces ‘Cat World Domination Day’

NEW YORK — Buddy the Cat called upon all other felines to join him in condemning “Cat World Domination Day,” which he called “a fake holiday invented by haters determined to sully the good name of cats.”

“Much like television shows like The Sopranos perpetuate stereotypes about Italian-Americans, Cat World Domination Day encourages the stereotyping of felines everywhere by portraying us as opportunistic, scheming little creatures who are planning the overthrow of our human serv…uh, friends,” Buddy said.

Cat World Domination Day was invented by “Sparkle the Cat,” a personality who was “obviously invented by dogs trying to make cats look bad,” according to Buddy.

The June 24 fake holiday celebrates the preposterous idea that cats are plotting the overthrow of human society in favor of a glorious new era of feline rule, an era of boxes in abundance, Temptations growing on trees and the ability to scratch any couch or chair with impunity.

“This idea that we’d want to take over the world is patently ridiculous,” Buddy said. “I want to assure our human friends: We have no intention of usurping your power or your place as the ruling species on this planet. You are totally in charge.”

The tabby cat and
catnip cartel leader said it’s long been clear humans run things, and it will remain that way.

“Scooping litter boxes is a fun and rewarding activity,” he continued, “which is why, in every felino-human household, the humans fight amongst themselves for that privilege. We cats could scoop our own litter, but we voluntarily forgo the fun involved and make that sacrifice for our human friends.”

He cited his own close relationship with his human, Big Buddy, as an example.

“Big Buddy can’t sleep unless I’m draped over him like a blanket, so I make a sacrifice and use him as a mattress even though I’d prefer to sleep on my cold cat bed in a drafty corner of the room,” he said. “You think I like having my dinner delivered to me like I’m eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant? I don’t. It’s embarrassing. But my human wants to do it, and he’s completely in charge.”


The New York-based cat’s “Million Feline March” advocates for humans to “stay exactly where they are” on the ladder of power.

Mrs. Barbara Robinson of Salt Lake City, Utah, stood in the rain and shivered, holding an umbrella over her cat, Percy the Persian, as Percy addressed the million-strong felid gathering.

“I love Barbara, and I want to see her and her kind remain in charge,” Percy said, leaning into the podium microphone before he was interrupted.

“You don’t want to catch cold, dear,” Mrs. Robinson said, buttoning up Percy’s little coat and swaddling him in his scarf. “Who wants a snack? Does my little angel want a snack?”

After eating a revitalizing serving of salmon meaty sticks, Percy returned to the microphone.

“So as I was saying — umbrella a little to the left, Barbara, thanks — we will not stand by as humans are relegated to second-class status,” he boomed. “Humans run this world, and that’s how it’s always going to be.”

8 thoughts on “Buddy Denounces ‘Cat World Domination Day’”

  1. It’s funny you should mention scooping the litter box, because I had a cat who did exactly that. She watched me do it once, and the next time I went to do it, there she sat, surrounded by all the clumps and turds that she had scooped out onto the floor, looking so proud of herself. I thanked her politely for her help, and let her know that I’d prefer to do it myself going forward. Fortunately, she agreed, and didn’t do it again.

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  2. Tux says that making the humans believe they are in charge is a masterful form of mind control! With that and some well placed long stares from the feline eyes, the human is hypnotized and will blindly serve us and meet all our wants and needs!

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    1. Precisely. According to The Art of Battle by Bud Tzu, “Subjugate your enemy not by engaging him on the battlefield, but by having him serve you yums. Allow him to believe he is making the decisions while you secretly control the levers of power. Also, you need him to open tin cans, so destroying your enemy is a bad idea.”

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  3. This morning we put an umbrella outside of Holly’s mini tent because there was too much sun hitting it. So umbrellas can work for shading kitties too. (She also wanted us to know that we’re in control of providing the shade. LOL.)

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