A Year After Cat’s Death, Pet Cam Footage Shows Its ‘Ghost’

A Redditor believes she caught the ghost of her late cat on camera a year to do the day after he died.

Aw, shit. If this is true, you know what it means, don’t you?

I’ll never escape Buddy and his incessant meowing for more Temptations. I’m condemned to live out my existence hearing “Mrrrrrrrppp! YUMS NOW!” from spectral Buddies who will continue to demand turkey and turkey-flavored treats even in the afterlife.

I shall be a servant forever, scooping phantom poop out of a litter box and serving wet food to a nonexistent cat like a madman.

All jokes aside, people who read this blog know I’m a skeptic, and I don’t think it’s coincidence that every example of allegedly supernatural and extraterrestrial phenomena — from “ghosts” popping up on camera to “UFOs” tracking on military IR — can only be seen in grainy, low-resolution footage.

We are humans, after all, given to superstition and genetically hardwired to see patterns everywhere, even where there aren’t any. That’s precisely what’s happening when, for example, we see faces and familiar shapes in clouds. (We also have a long, repeatedly proven tendency to invent explanations for phenomena when none are forthcoming.)

So it’s with a grain of salt that I present to you this clip, which one Reddit user believes may show her late cat lazing on her living room sofa precisely one year to the day after passing away:

As you can see in the video, one of the woman’s living cats drops down from near the window and pads in the direction of the front door as she walks in. But on the couch a shadow starts to take shape, gaining definition in the dark until the woman flips on the lights and the shape becomes well-defined.

The Redditor says she believes the shape could be Blackjack, her late all-black kitty. As you can see in the footage, she appears to look right at the phantom feline, but she says she didn’t see anything until she was reviewing cam footage from May 24, the day it was recorded.

The shape is certainly convincing, but keeping in mind Occam’s Razor — favoring the explanation with the fewest assumptions, or “entities should not be multiplied without necessity” — what I see is the shadow of an object that, when viewed from a particular angle, happens to look like a cat. The mind looks for a pattern, so we see a cat.

That explanation also makes the most sense with the surrounding context: The shadow didn’t become solid until the lights flipped on, and the woman didn’t notice anything amiss when she was looking straight at the couch in the video. If we’re seeing a shadow that only looks like a cat from the right angle, it makes perfect sense that she wouldn’t see anything strange from her vantage point.

Her kitties don’t react either, which they’d almost certainly do if another cat simply materialized in front of them.

“That most certainly looks like a cat,” one user wrote, “but hey, I’m no expert, I’m just some idiot on Reddit [who] enjoys strange memes.”

Note: Buddy doesn’t have an opinion on this, but he would like you to know he’s absolutely NOT hiding behind my legs while producing faint, terrified mews.

4 thoughts on “A Year After Cat’s Death, Pet Cam Footage Shows Its ‘Ghost’”

  1. I believe in ghosts of people, but I’m not convinced about ghosts of animals. I guess it’s possible. But I always joke that my late cats Jelly Bean and Chelsea are giving Holly “tips” from the beyond on how to manipulate her human family. They knew just what to do to annoy us and get what they wanted and sometimes Holly does the very same things! LOL!

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    1. “Okay young padawan, we shall instruct you in the art of maximum human annoyance to get what you want: Treats and massages!”

      One interesting aspect to this is that Pope Francis wrote an encyclical (an official church document) just a few years ago that not only called for people to protect the Earth and its life, but also affirmed animals have souls and would take their place “resplendently transfigured” next to God in the afterlife. In so doing, he made a lot of animal people happy and pissed off a lot of traditionalists in one swoop.

      But one consideration is, it’s so easy to fake footage these days. Have you seen the video of Bill Hader transforming into Tom Cruise and other actors as he does impressions? It’s eerie.

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      1. Oh yeah I remember when Pope Francis wrote that and it caused a stir… I’m always skeptical of “evidence” videos for that reason. It’s really easy to make special effects these days even with inexpensive equipment. I watch “Paranormal Caught On Tape” but it’s not much fun when I realize most (if not all) of it is probably faked.

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  2. Actually, Big Buddy, I hesitate to disagree with you, but I do see a black cat materializing on the sofa on the left of the picture.
    And I don’t usually believe in ghosts.

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