Buddy The Cat ‘Too Busy’ To Accept Challenge From Feline MMA Phenom

Saying he couldn’t find a way to squeeze it into his schedule over the next year, Buddy the Cat declined a challenge to step into the cage with one of feline MMA’s brightest young stars.

The challenge came courtesy of Sphynxie the Smasher, a four-year-old hairless cat from San Jose, California. The skilled cat uploaded a video in which he pumped iron and ridiculed Buddy for his “completely delusional claim that he’s a badass” and his “hilarious talk about having huge muscles.”

Sphynxie the Cat taking protein supplements after an intense workout.

“This is what huge meowscles look like,” Sphynxie said, curling a meaty forearm and flexing his bicep. “Not the flab of some chubby tabby hoping we won’t notice how many snacks he devours.”

Sphynxie challenged Buddy to a cage match “any time, any place” and said he’d even tie one paw behind his back “to make it even with the chonkster.”


Buddy issued a response on Twitter.

“First of all I’m not chubby, so that’s fake news!” Buddy wrote. “I’m 100% pure lean, mean badass.”

“Secondly, I’d be honored to step into the cage with Sphynxie and teach him a lesson that he’ll remember long after the real Sphinx is weathered to dust,” he continued. “Unfortunately my meownager says I can’t squeeze it into my schedule. I’m shooting my new movie, Fowl Play, through mid March, and then I’m going on tour to promote my next album. In between that stuff I really need to nap when I can, get some laser pointer work in, and catch up on eating turkey. Sphynxie should count himself lucky, because he dodged a bullet!”

The viral hashtags #BuddyDucksFights, #BuddyIsADuck and #ScaredBuddy were trending late Sunday night, prompting a long list of others to challenge the gray tabby to elicit increasingly ridiculous excuses from him.

One of them, a challenge from a five-month-old Russian named Oreonov the Putinizer, accumulated more than 20,000 likes in just a few hours.

“I am kitten. He is full grown cat, yet he won’t step into cage with me,” Oreonov wrote. “He knows I crush him for the glory of motherland.”


15 thoughts on “Buddy The Cat ‘Too Busy’ To Accept Challenge From Feline MMA Phenom”

  1. That IS a ripped cat! The MM must stand for “mighty meowcles”. I’d love to pet this beautiful hairless champion, he probably feels like warm suede.

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  2. Spunkmeyer is a Maine Coon sort of guy.. He is BIG AND RIPPED as it were but he is the nicest cat. He even likes our Buddy! Maine Coons are like that! They seem to like dogs too! But he is the BEST EVER! And he seems to like Buddy too!

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  3. Loved the witty write-up re Buddy’s backing off…the Sphynxter lucked out! Buddy, the paw popping pugilist lies in wait for his next oppor-tuna-ty🐟. Hilarious

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  4. Bella is firmly convinced that after being on many “dark” joint missions with Buddy that his strength and stealth are unrivalled, and we have no doubt that as he is concerned with matters of national security, he should not take part in any public displays for fear of compromising his identity as a powerhouse operative!

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    1. Operation Fowl Play, making sure the joint US-UK Strategic Turkey Reserve is secure and being properly preserved. Of course, part of their mission is to taste it, entirely for the purpose of making sure it’s still good, of course.

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