If My Cat Had His Own Comic Book Empire, This Is What It’d Look Like

Budster Comics™

TMT: Too Much Turkey chronicles Chubby Buddy as he eats his way out of Turkopolis, the City of Delicious Turkey.

Buddy the Tiger: Meowscular Hunter follows a fully grown Buddy as he takes his rightful place as king of the jungle and doesn’t have to wait for stupid humans to feed him.

Meowstar 2177 centers on the exploits of Space Admiral Pâtéstalker and the fabled starship UCN Nap Enforcer.

Join Bud on his very first dangerous mission in Turkopolis, back when he was just a tiny kitten.

I created all the artwork in this post using a natural language processing AI and pixlr. 

30 thoughts on “If My Cat Had His Own Comic Book Empire, This Is What It’d Look Like”

  1. Buddy may want to check out the exploits of another feline. “Bathsheba Ironpaws: Zombie Fighter”, by C. Atkins, available on Amazon. Features a future where cats take their rightful place alongside humans, exploring space and kicking zombie bum!

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  2. I’d totally read all of these! Right now I’m finishing a Warriors series titled “The Broken Code”. Yes, these are children’s books and no, I’m not a child. Any Warriors fans out there?

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    1. I read the first Warriors book a few years ago out of curiosity and to see what the authors did to turn a cat story into a bestseller. I thought it was well written and paced for the genre and audience, and I was even a bit surprised that it dealt with headier topics like death.

      Overall I liked it and I can see why the books are so popular. I would have really enjoyed it if I’d read it as a kid. Haven’t read the others though.

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      1. Sadly, when i was reading The Warriors ferals and strays were dying in my world of cat rescue and tnr. I kind of connected the book to a feral and street cats horrible lives.

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      2. Here’s a recommendation for more good cat fiction: Mandy Morton writes a great cat detective series. “The Second Feline Detective Agency” is set in a world without humans. Hettie Bagshot and her sidekick Tilly Jenkins solve nasty (really nasty!) murders and enjoy plentiful meals prepared by their friends.
        The series is resembles other “cozies” like Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s Joe Grey series (now concluded) and Rita Mae Brown’s Sneaky Pie books but differs in setting and tone.
        Highly recommended!

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  3. Admiral Pate’Stalker!!! What a furabuluss name!!! Buddy you wuud bee furabuluss inn Comickss fore sure!
    An Quilpy mee BellaSita red ALL THE “Warriorss” seeriess 20+ yeerss ago!!
    Shee had a semi-feral cat shee fed named Tailchaser even!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum

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      1. Graystripe is a great character. Have you read his Super Edition yet? I have so many favorites: Blackstar, Lionblaze, Yellowfang, Sasha and even the original Tigerstar!

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      1. BellaSita Mum sayss shee liked Graystripe an Tailchaser THE best Quilpy!
        Shee fed a feral man cat she named raystripe way back inn 2012. Aunty Sheila also had a Tabby who came to her place an hee wa named Tailchaser two!
        Ourss went away an Aunty’s Graystripe iss now a housecat!!!
        An our Tailchaser was even further back when ‘angel’ Grate Aunty Mingflower was alive! His name was actually ‘Spooky’ butt hee wuud run away from home an come stay at BellaSita’ss!!! Mew mew mew….

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  4. As some people mentioned on this site The Warriors by Erin Hunter. Could not put these books down! I ordered the next book and never picked up because my mom got sick and had no time to read anything. These books made me wonder what a ferals and stray cats lives would be as i did so much tnr and rescue years ago.

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