Critics Rave: The Great Buddini Is ‘An Unrivaled Master of Sleight of Paw’

NEW YORK — A thousand people are engaged in lively chatter inside the 42nd St. Illusionist Theatre when a tiny figure appears at the periphery of the stage and a hush falls over the crowd.

The lights dim and a drum roll echoes up from the orchestra pit.

“Is it him?” a man in the balcony asks.

“It’s him! It’s him!” a woman seated near the front answers, waving her handkerchief. “The Great Buddini!”

The crowd erupts into rapturous applause and the orchestra plays an excitingly mysterious tune as the Great Buddini pads across the stage, illuminated by a green spotlight.

“Thank you! Thank you!” the tuxedoed feline says, doffing his top hat. He touches a paw to his heart. “You’re too kind! Thank you!”

A whimsical melody drifts up from the pit and the Great Buddini produces a bag of Blue Buffalo Bursts from a pocket in his tuxedo. He presents it to the crowd, turns it over and tears it open theatrically.

“For my first trick, I’m going to make these Bursts disappear,” Buddini says, tossing the treats into the air and gobbling them all in quick succession.

The crowd loves it. Women clap, men stomp their feet and enthusiasts near the back whistle in appreciation.

The Great Buddini
An advertisement for one of The Great Buddini’s shows.

“For my next trick,” Buddini says, “I’m going to make this entire turkey disappear!”

Two calicoes in bedazzled gowns emerge from behind the curtain, pushing a cart with a large turkey on top of it. They turn the cart 360 degrees, lift the black table cloth so the audience can see there are no hidden compartments, and stop just before the Great Buddini launches himself at the turkey and consumes it like an insane Pac Man, wolfing the entire bird down in less than eight seconds.

A drum roll begins anew, the Great Buddini turns, bows with a flourish and issues a massive belch that reverberates around the hall. Once again the theater shakes with the roaring approval of the crowd.

“He’s a genius!” a woman yells out later as Buddini, balanced on stilts, makes pieces of cheese vanish into his mouth. “He’s mad! He’s mad!”

The Great Buddini’s show, in which the famed magician makes 17 different kinds of food disappear, has been sold out for more than three weeks running since he arrived in New York.

A review in the New York Times called Buddini “an unrivaled master of sleight of paw” and noted kittens from as far away as Delaware were arriving in New York, hoping to apprentice for the master feline. The New York Evening News was equally flattering, writing that the Great Buddini “blurs the line between ho-hum magic and astonishing feats that border on the supernatural.”

Among the few negative reviews was a scathing piece in the New York Post, which chided enthusiasts for “falling for” Buddini’s “obviously mundane tricks.”

“He’s not ‘making the food disappear,’ he’s just eating it!” the Post’s critic seethed. “Am I going crazy? I can’t be the only one to notice this. People are paying to watch a chubby cat pig out on snacks on a stage. What has the world come to?”

10 thoughts on “Critics Rave: The Great Buddini Is ‘An Unrivaled Master of Sleight of Paw’”

  1. Boos and hisses to the NYP, that well-known rag beloved of cat-haters. Obviously the critic is consumed by feelings of inferiority, faced with the dazzling spectacle that is the Great Buddini. I pity those who can’t or won’t love that consumate showcat!

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  2. Milly from Australia,

    Speaking of gastronomic arts, I have sad news to report! Hills, fancy feast and other brands of cat food are stating to not be able to be shipped here! My hooman has had to change both my wet and dry food to local ones. I am not happy. They don’t make turkey!

    Milly out!

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    1. Hey Milly: Tell your nice human Hannah to check out Chewy.

      I have been using Chewy for most of the past year because of the cat food shortage, and the lack of His Grace King Buddy’s favorite food in local stores.

      King Buddy told me The Great Turkey Shortage of 2021 was not to be repeated, and I cannot disappoint the king.

      Good luck!

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  3. Bella has the art of hypnotism. I am obviously unaware, but the long stares and unblinking eyes are very clearly transmitting her hypnotic powers so all I can do is go and get the treats and serve them, This is proven but the fact that it works repeatedly and I am left with no memory of the last time I gave her treats. A power I believe all felines have!

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    1. Indeed they do.

      I forget too, but mostly because Bud is so insistent and he screeches at me when I go into the kitchen.

      Seems Bella is much nicer, or at least more discreet, about asserting her feline authority and using her powers.

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  4. Tux would pay to see that! Oh, I mean order his human to pay for him to see that! That is, if it doesn’t interfere with his beauty sleep!

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