Bud Celebrates 7,000th Frantic Meowing At Bathroom Door

NEW YORK — Buddy the Cat celebrated a historic milestone on Wednesday, marking the 7,000th time he’s meowed frantically outside the bathroom door as his human, Big Buddy, used the facilities.

“Over the years I’ve really perfected my routine, yowling like a mad cat and scratching at the bathroom door with such urgency that you’d think there was a murderous psychopath walking menacingly toward me and sharpening his blades,” Buddy told reporters. “I’ve been blessed and honored to carry on this fine tradition since kittenhood, and to make sure my Big Buddy has not a moment of peace inside the human litterbox unless I’m in there too  In which case he doesn’t get peace anyway because, well, it’s fun to annoy him.”

The silver tabby explained that meowing outside a bathroom “is more of an art form than a science,” and claimed that not just any cat could meow as pitifully and frantically as he’s able to do.

“It takes a lot more practice and skill than you’d think,” he said. “You can’t just yowl and expect results. Sometimes you have to reach under the door frame so your human sees your little paws searching for reassurance as you cry. Sometimes you have to start your meows soft and build to a yowling crescendo. It’s powerful emotional manipulation and should be part of every cat’s repertoire.”

According to the Bureau of Buddy Statistics, the silver tabby spends approximately 48 seconds inside the bathroom, on average, before meowing to be let out again. In 37 percent of cases, he’s meowed his way into and out of the bathroom at least twice during a single session.

After a frustrating stretch of almost six days in which his human was away, Buddy was able to reach his milestone on Wednesday with the return of Big Buddy.

“I’d like to thank my human,” Buddy said. “Without him, none of this would be possible. Yeeeeeooooowwww!”

6 thoughts on “Bud Celebrates 7,000th Frantic Meowing At Bathroom Door”

  1. Isn’t there an award for such a milestone? If I was Buddy & I broke a record, I think beyond a snack, a blue ribbon might be in order. It can also be shredded post the festivities of the bathroom fiasco award ceremony!
    It’s only fair honestly. Please consider it…🐾🐾

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  2. Buddy,
    With my Goobi, it’s a race for me to sit down before he tries to plunge headfirst into the bowl. Since I’m handicapped, I fear sitting on him.
    He tells me it’s only fair for him to snoop since I’m always at the ready by his box while he uses it.
    Btw, I never shut him out.

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    1. Does the Goobster try to drink from the bowl? The thing with Bud is, sometimes he’ll run in the bathroom with me, but oftentimes he’ll wait until the door is closed. It’s almost like he enjoys the whole meowing and scratching at the door ritual. 🙂

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