Oh Big Buddy, Why Have You Abandoned Me?

Day Four: Here I exist in solitary confinement, without anyone to meow to or sleep on.

If a Buddy meows for snacks and no one is around to hear him, do his meows exist?

These are the questions I ponder as hour after silent hour ticks by, my stomach rumbling. (Nice lady stops by only once a day to feed me, oh woe is me!)

Oh how I miss the halcyon days when delicious snacks were an insistent meow away, when I’d lounge on Big Buddy’s legs and in his lap for hours as we watched Squid Game!


Oh how I miss slapping his face with my paw, then sitting directly on his face and meowing into his ear for breakfast, knowing I’d successfully woken him when he yelled “I’m going to sell you to Shezhuan Garden II, you annoying little jerk!”

I am on the verge of a scientific breakthrough, ready to present my contribution to quantum mechanics in which I posit that a new, heretofore unknown fundamental particle, the Turkon, exists at the subatomic level.

Without a human here to dictate to, how will I submit my findings to a prestigious journal?

Meanwhile my human is probably frolicking on the beach, basking in the sunshine and warmth of a 70-degree Outer Banks January day.

It’s going to take A LOT of snacks, massages and “good boys” to make this right.

12 thoughts on “Oh Big Buddy, Why Have You Abandoned Me?”

  1. Buddy, count yourself lucky that Big Buddy let you remain in your home while he was away, rather than sending you to out to be boarded in dog/cat kennel, where you would spend most, if not all of your time in a… CAGE.

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    1. Pretty sure I’d get a call begging me to come back and collect him after he’s meowed relentlessly for hours and bit half the staff.

      All joking aside, boarding sounds stressful for the kitties. Dogs? Yeah, I can see how they’d adjust, but I’m skeptical of those “cat hotels.”

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  2. THE nerve of yore Hu’man to go on a vacay an not even take you!!! CATFISH!!!!
    There is goin to bee ALOT of makin up to due rite Buddy!!!
    An yes even if no one heerss you meow Buddy; yore meowss DUE xist!
    Guud Luck mee mew frend….
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum (who bettur not even think of goin anywhere w/out mee!)

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  3. Buddy’s discovery of the Turkon must be presented to the world! Big Buddy, you’re so lucky to have a cat doing research in quantum mechanics. Mark my words, one day little Buddy may put that flash in the pan Einstein in his place!

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    1. Indeed, Buddy recognizes Einstein’s contributions to physics, but considers him a minor player in the grand scheme of what he calls Buddesian Physics, the higher order of physics that will allow us to build wonderful turkey teleporters and portals directly into human bathrooms.

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    1. He’s in his happy place, all warm with his kneading blanket and his Big Buddy. Good post on the Grooveyard 88, by the way. I like listening to older stuff with headphones and hearing how they mixed music back in the day. There’s a clear delineation between anything pre mid-60s and afterward with innovations and experiments changing the way music was shaped.

      I listened to seven or eight of the songs from your post, and I found one of them (“Tell Him” by The Exciters) that has been remastered for modern audio equipment. You can hear the guitars, bells on the hook and background vocals all occupying different lanes in the sound space, so they must have had the original masters and were able to tweak every track. Not much low end, which is normal for this type of music, but you can hear how full and warm it sounds compared to the center-mixed songs typical of that era:

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