Buddy’s Solution To National Cat Food Shortage

Dear Friends,

It has come to my attention that our human servants are experiencing unprecedented difficulty in locating and purchasing canned cat food, commonly known as yums, due to Coronavirus-related warehouse and logistical challenges.

The companies that make yums have had facilities intermittently closed due to COVID breakouts, leading to shortages which have been compounded by the logistical problems as delivery systems are already overwhelmed.

There can be only one solution to this most serious of problems: Humans must share their food!

Effective immediately, I call on all humans to share their yums with us, and no skimping!

If you’re having filet mignon for dinner, Fluffy better get some too. I would also urge every one of you to increase your turkey consumption, setting aside generous portions for your feline overlords.

Not only is turkey delicious, but it increases the body’s immune response to viruses like COVID-19, according to the Buddy Center for Scientific Research. (This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.)

Do the right thing, humans. Share your food!

Your friend,
Buddy the Cat

Look at da yums
“Look at it. So juicy and delicious…”

13 thoughts on “Buddy’s Solution To National Cat Food Shortage”

  1. Oh, come on, “Little” (don’t mean to offend your overlordship) Buddy!

    I was trained by an army of the most highly skilled felines to share my food – sometimes against my will, right off my plate – years and years ago.

    Thank you, however, for the reminder!

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    1. I’ll never forget the time I had such a late craving that I drove two towns away to a 24 hour Burger King, got home, went into the kitchen to get napkins or something…and returned to find my fries toppled over and my cheeseburger gone.

      There was literally a trail of breadcrumbs, bits of the bun discarded as Bud carried his prize to my bedroom. I found the rest of the bun next to his water bowl but couldn’t find Bud until he emerged a few minutes later, licking his lips and chirping happily.

      I couldn’t even be mad at the little guy.

      Unfortunately for Buddy, witnessing his smarts, his curiosity and his unmistakable emotions prompted my switch to a vegetarian diet. Now he has no opportunity for burger thievery, although he does eat little pieces of Beyond Burger.

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  2. The Buddy Center for Scientific Research can’t be wrong!. I am certain that Buddy would not shorten up his valuable catnapping if the situation were not dire!

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  3. The cat food crisis is unfortunately real. I’ve seen empty shelves in several stores. Our local town is at the end of a delivery route which means we’re often caught up short.
    My family feeds and cares for feral cats, a cat food shortage makes this difficult. Hopefully the problems will be solved soon.

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  4. Buddy, don’t worry dear cat, my kitty eats better than me anyway, chicken (poached in milk (kitties milk:) that other flying meat that starts withT and finishes with Y ( don’t want him to get too excited!) but anyway I’m a vegetarian so it really doesn’t matter. Only the best for our kitties!

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      1. I know! Jez just looks at me in a patronizing way “how can you eat that rubbish poor hooman?”
        She does try and share some chicken when she comes and dribbles on my face when I’m asleep…. come to think of it, probably to get me up and serve her some more!:)
        oh by the way, have had difficulty logging in with world press and impossible to like the comments, any ides why?

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      2. I’m not sure, but WordPress has been glitchy on the CMS side too, with arbitrary resizing of photos and a broken post preview feature. I’m guessing a software update had some unintentional consequences. They’re usually good about resolving these issues pretty quickly.


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