Cat On The Street: What Do You Think About The Rise Of AI?

With artificial intelligence making rapid progress over the past year, we asked cats what they think about a future where we depend on intelligent machines.

5 thoughts on “Cat On The Street: What Do You Think About The Rise Of AI?”

  1. Bella is also unhappy with Ai – she had an auto feeder for a few months – however, claws and brute force broke into it and reduced it to a broken plastic lid. We take this as she is clarifying that we are NOT replacing her Human servants with a robot. The machine is now consigned to a dark cupboard and is an excellent example of a massive Feline NO. Bertie ignored it and let her do all the destruction ( we watched her figure out how to break into it) … the message is clear

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      1. My cat OPENED closet doors with cat treats that were not opened. Bag used to be on floor with teeth marks. And my cat? 🙄Acting all innocent. Now they are in a drawer.

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      1. I don’t have an auto feeder, but Bud has been known to tear open treat bags, and he knocked a big tub of Temps onto the floor and gorged himself on them before I could stop him. That was a few years ago, before The Great Temptations Withdrawal, when it became clear he was a little crack addict with those things.

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