SUNDAY CATS: Mountain Lion Scared Off By Buddy Look-Alike, Bodega Cat ‘Bridget Moynahan’ Goes Missing

A mountain lion got more than it bargained for when it found itself face to face with a ferocious furball last week.

The puma was taking a breather near a home on Jan. 5 when it turned, realizing there was a pair of eyes watching it. Those eyes belonged to the resident cat, a 13-year-old moggie who was not pleased to see a wild intruder in its territory.

The puma initially squared off on the other side of a sliding glass door as if saying “You want some of this?” but seemed shocked when the domestic cat, rather than backing down, launched into a series of feints and yowls.

The puma flinched a few times, then decided to vacate the premises.

Clearly, the wild cat found itself wondering about the identity of the tabby.

“Is that Buddy the Cat? Oh crap! If it’s him, I’m in trouble! They say he has huge meowscles and is a master of 36 styles of Kung Fu!”

Bridget Moynahan joins the search for Bridget Moynahan

Blue Bloods actress Bridget Moynahan gave a boost to the search for a missing cat bearing her name.

The 51-year-old actress lent her star power to the search by posting about it on Instagram, where she has 345,000 followers.

The missing kitty belongs to the owner of a Manhattan bodega, and spends her days napping on the shelves and being admired by customers.

There are an estimated 10,000 bodegas in New York City, where traditional grocery stores don’t really fit into an urban lifestyle where most people don’t own cars and can’t load up two weeks’ worth of groceries in a minivan.

To keep mice and rats at bay, most of New York’s bodegas have cats. They’re technically illegal, but because having a cat in the store carries the same $300 penalty as having rodents, bodega owners opt for the former. The cats are beloved by New Yorkers, and the city is mostly content to overlook their presence unless there are major health violations.


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13 thoughts on “SUNDAY CATS: Mountain Lion Scared Off By Buddy Look-Alike, Bodega Cat ‘Bridget Moynahan’ Goes Missing”

  1. The mountain lion clearly recognised Buddy’s awesomeness in his look-alike and his position as the right-hand man of the king of the cats ( otherwise known as the “kings Champion”). He thought better of tussling with such an exalted figure. Luckily many cats try to look like Buddy to increase their status locally. Hopefully, Bridget Moynahan will be found un harmed and returned very soon. Bella has issued a UK all-ports alert just in case there is a kidnapping case here

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    1. Obviously this cat was trained by Sifu Buddy in the art of Tabby Style and Stance of the Feasting Feline.

      Do you guys get Blue Bloods in the UK? It’s a show about a multigenerational family of NYPD officers. Personally my favorite cop shows are Luther and The Wire, which star a ton of UK actors. The Wire killed low effort police procedurals for me…nothing compares.

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      1. We do get blue bloods on satellite, but I have never watched it – is that the one with Tom Selleck in it? Luther is BRILLIANT and I have watched that!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes. About 6 blocks from me. Man was caught on camera and his friend bought it back. I told owner of cat he should never let it out and he agreed. I passed by there about two months after it happened.

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  2. Tux is inspired by Buddy’s bravery! He might just become equally threatening if a mountain lion or coyote appears in his yard! Behind heavy glass windows of course, and only when it doesn’t conflict with his nap schedule! And definitely not at night when he lays claim to 3/4 of my pillow!

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  3. I had a cat who almost murdered the neighbor’s horse-sized dog when he ran into my apartment as I opened the door and invaded his territory. I pulled the poor dog away to save his life.
    My cat wouldn’t run from large dogs. He’d arch his back and hiss, baring his long teeth that made him look like a tiger, and he’d get a psycho look in his eyes.

    I once read in the news about a bear who’d gone into someone’s yard, and the cat attacked it like crazy, and the poor bear climbed a tree and was too scared to come down.

    Around here, five minutes walk from my apartment, there’s a grocery store when a feral cat wanders in whenever it feels like it and rubs against paper towels. There’s a feral cat that lives outside a beauty salon, and she’s fat. They must be feeding her. There’s one that lives in a shopping center and sleeps on a bench inside. Feral cats here walk into shopping centers, and there’s an orange cat who lives in the library. They even got it madeup cats bed from a cardboard box with a pile of clothes.

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    1. Is this the one?

      Here’s another one of a cat scaring off a bear:

      Welcome to PITB by the way, Tel Aviv. The running joke is that my cat, Buddy, is some fierce tiger-like kitty with “huge meowscles” who rules over the neighborhood with an iron paw. In reality he’s a scaredy cat who hides behind my legs when he’s frightened and cries lol.

      I’ve never been to Israel, although back in the day I interviewed a few people from Tel Aviv and a friend of mine, now a New Yorker, is from Israel. Are there lots of feral cats there?

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