Sunday Cats: Should Kitties Be Allowed On Passenger Jets? Plus: Footballers Adopt Cat From Qatar

Happy Sunday, dear readers. Buddy’s apparently angry with me about something, because I found a copy of this on the printer:

Human Buddy 4 Sale
Listed under “For sale by owner.”

What could I have done to deserve this? And $16? Isn’t that a little low? It’s insulting! We’re gonna need to have a little chat, Buddy to Buddy.

Should Cats Be Allowed On Airplanes?

CNN’s Jacqueline Swartz has a column about the challenges of traveling when you’re afflicted with severe allergies. Swartz is thoughtful, isn’t resentful of cats and understands it’s on her — for the time being, at least — to prep for flights by taking allergy medication, but she also believes airlines can do more to accommodate people who are allergic to pets.

As a cat guy and someone who dealt with really bad cat and dog allergies in my childhood and teenage years, I can sympathize with Swartz’s plight, and I agree that airlines can do more.

Of course, by “Should cats be allowed on airplanes?” she’s really asking if cats should be allowed in the passenger cabin. Even if a feline’s snug in a carrier, tucked beneath its human’s seat and well-behaved during the flight, a relatively short six-hours from New York to LA can cause all kinds of havoc on the immune systems and sinuses of people who are ultra-sensitive to cat dander.

Cat on passenger flight
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Putting cats in cargo compartments is not an answer, and neither is banning cats from flights. Sometimes flying with a cat is a necessity, whether you’re moving cross-country or planning to live abroad temporarily. But airlines are notorious for trying to extract every dime from passengers, whether it’s charging thousands for business class or up-selling regular seats as “premium coach” by offering a Louis Vuitton-branded pillow or whatever.

Perhaps some enterprising airline executive could build goodwill with travelers, earning extra business and loyalty along the way with an innovative and friendly way to handle animals. How much space could possibly be required for a quiet, closed-off, climate-controlled closet where six or eight cats in carriers can snooze during a flight? That would solve the allergy problem, make life easier for everyone and probably make traveling easier on cats too.

Dave the Cat has a new home in England

While a thoughtless PR official for Brazil’s national team drew the ire of animal lovers for the way he mishandled a cat during a press conference — an unforced error, since the cat wasn’t bothering anyone — some good is coming out of the World Cup for at least one feline.

Dave the Cat, a friendly stray befriended by England defenders Kyle Walker and John Stones, will be adopted by the players, who both suit up for the Premiere League’s Manchester City during normal club play.

Dave, a cream-colored tabby, won’t be reunited with his new pals right away. He’ll have to endure four months of quarantine first, as per the UK’s rules on bringing animals to the country, and then presumably he’ll be adopted by Walker, Stones or the entire team.

Brazil World Cup cat
An official with Brazil’s national team caught heat for the way he picked up and tossed a cat in Qatar. (Screengrab)


Cat in Qatar
Thankfully, the cat seemed unharmed.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Cats: Should Kitties Be Allowed On Passenger Jets? Plus: Footballers Adopt Cat From Qatar”

  1. You have obviously committed a serious infraction Big Buddy! You must reflect on your behavior and atone for your sins against little Buddy! Copious turkey offerings are in order!

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  2. Re: cats on jets……
    If course kitties should be not only allowed, but welcomed, on planes. It’s up to the airlines to make sure kitty passengers and allergic human passengers are separated on the plane. Some airlines are worse than others. American sucks really bad. United is okay. BTW, I love little Buddy’s sign, attempting to sell his hoomin for $16.

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    1. From the CNN article, it sounds like the airlines handle the allergy thing the same way as requesting vegetarian meals on a flight. You have to call ahead or make the request when you buy a ticket. If it’s last minute, there’s no guarantee.

      Little Bud’s trying to put the fear into me, making it known I have to improve the level of service around here!

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  3. Scumbag Bloke from the Brazilian team, the England players, have learned from the outrage against one of their lot who hurt a cat on video and the outrage that (hopefully) wrecked his life. Nice to see that at least two England footballers have some degree of decency. All cats should be allowed on Aircraft of course, they do considerably less damage and pose less threat than any Human passenger

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    1. Yeah the England players saw what happened to Kurt Zouma and know the UK takes that sort of thing seriously, that’s for sure. I don’t know what the deal is in Brazil, although from the recent headlines it sounds like they’ve got domestic issues to worry about.

      Hey John, can you send me your email address? I wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the donation to Tabby’s Place, but I realized I don’t have an email address for you. If you don’t want to post it publicly, you can reach me at paininthebud at gmail, or use the contact form. Thanks!


  4. Deer Mistur Big Buddy did you furget to buy Turkey Pate?? Play toyss with him?? Not pay enuff attention to Buddy??
    Mee iss sure yore werth far more than $16.00….Buddy must bee FURRY upset with you…..
    Deer Buddy pleese give Big Buddy another chance OKay?? Hee iss aftur all, only Hu’man 😉
    Mee hopess Dave THE Cat will bee all rite…4 monthss iss a l-o-n-g time to bee inn quaranteen….
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an 🙂 BellaSita Mum

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    1. The most recent offense was providing sub-par meals, which as you know is just about one of the worst offenses when it comes to feline sensibilities.

      Yeah four months quarantine for Dave is pretty brutal, but being the beloved cat of a soccer player’s family is a better life than eking out an existence as a stray in a place like Qatar. Hopefully they’ll be able to visit Dave while he serves his time.


      1. Same here…BellaSita Mum tried to palm off Chick-hen as Turkey Pate…not funny BellaSita Mum! Not funny AT ALL!!!!
        Wee hope Dave’ss Peepss can vissit him…wee know there has to bee quaranteene….mee thinkss Hu’manss (sum, not all) need that!!!!
        Mew mew mew BellaDharma

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  5. I’ve experienced cross continental air travel with cats a few decades ago. The cats were miserable in the unheated noisy luggage compartment. Air travel can be very dangerous for pets, I’m glad we don’t have to
    travel anymore.
    Your suggestion for a seperate pet compartment is a great one, and it makes perfect sense for animals and allergy sufferers. But as long as airlines can stuff the planes with passengers to the bursting point they probably won’t give up lucrative space without a fight.
    So what did you do to anger the Budster? Have you presented a turkey piece offering?

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    1. His Chewy package arrived yesterday with its shipment of turkey, among other things, so for the time being His Grace has decided to overlook my lapses in service, but he has warned me that no further turkey shortages shall be tolerated.

      re: Airlines, if the rules on bringing cats into Japan weren’t so strict, I think ANA would be the perfect airline to try a cat-friendly flight service. The Japanese are famous for ther fondness for felines and willingness to try unusual ideas.


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