Who Has A Box? I Has A Box!

I have a new box. Didn’t know if you knew that. Yeah, it’s awesome! It’s square, and made of cardboard, and you can sits in it.

After Big Buddy removed the irrelevant item inside — something that came in its own smaller box, which shall be investigated at a later time — I inspected the box from the inside and outside to make sure it was suitable.

Sure enough it turned out to be a good box, so I sat in it! Isn’t that awesome?

Who doesn’t love boxes? They’re so…boxy. You can sits in them. When you’re inside a box, you can see humans, but humans can’t see you. Also, boxes are cozy.

I have a new box!

Buddy In A Box!
“Hi, you ordered a new Buddy?”

8 thoughts on “Who Has A Box? I Has A Box!”

  1. Our new cat Oliver doesn’t seem to know what boxes are for. His older brothers both like them, but Oliver? He can’t be bothered with them. Maybe because he was a stray before we adopted him? Dunno. (He also doesn’t get high from catnip either) He’s a strange one, that Oliver….

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    1. That’s funny, I was going to reply “Sprinkle some catnip in the box!” before I finished reading your comment. Maybe toss a few treats in boxes every now and then?

      That’s how I got Bud to actually like his carrier and hop in whenever I ask him: When he was younger I’d keep a cat bed and a towel in there, and randomly toss a treat or two for him to find when he went to lay down or nap. It also helped that I took him places so the carrier wasn’t only associated with the vet, getting neutered, etc.

      I’m sure with a little motivation, Oliver can join the ranks of feline box obsessives.

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