Sunday Cats: Buddy The Philly Cat Makes A Friend, His Attackers Get A Trial Date

Two Philadelphia minors will head to trial in May after they sicced their dogs on a cat sitting on a porch a month ago.

The juveniles, who are 17 and 12 years old, were walking their dogs in Philadelphia on March 22 when they set them loose on Buddy, a black cat who was cared for by a local family but spent most of his time outside. They shouted encouragement as their dogs mauled Buddy on his family’s porch and Buddy would have been killed if the commotion hadn’t drawn attention from inside.

When one of Buddy’s caretakers stepped outside and tried to stop the dogs, the teens pulled their canines back and fled. They turned themselves in to authorities a few days later after the story went viral and they realized the attack was captured by a doorbell camera system.

They each face felony and misdemeanor charges for animal cruelty, inflicting harm on an animal and other alleged offenses. Since they’re charged as minors the court system is not releasing their names, which is common practice in juvenile cases in most states.

Buddy was so badly injured that veterinarians weren’t sure if he’d make it at first. With a lot of care and love, the little guy pulled through the first few critical days and continued to recover until he was well enough to go to a foster home in early April.

His new caretaker is Katie Venanzi, a veterinarian who specializes in emergency care and operated on him that first day when he was brought in to Blue Pearl Vet Hospital by the Pennsylvania SPCA.

“He was kept secluded in one room initially, but now he has a run of the house and he is doing so well with his foster sibling cat Teddy. His foster parents affectionately say they are the two most awkward cats in Philadelphia, but their relationship is blossoming and we hope it continues that way so that Buddy can officially stay in that home forever,” the SPCA’s Gillian Kocher said. “Hopefully in the coming weeks, we will have some additional details and will let everybody know when we can make an official announcement about Buddy’s adoption, but for now he’s doing wonderfully.”

The reason Buddy was outside in the first place is that, as a stray, he resisted an indoor life when his original family tried to keep him inside.

Venanzi told a local radio station that her and her husband are trying to help Buddy adjust to an indoor life and hope they can adopt him.

“We want to do whatever he needs,” she said. “We understand that he used to live outside. If he is not comfortable living in our house, we are willing to work with other people who are going to give him an opportunity to be in a safe environment but still exposed to the outdoors. We are going to take it day by day and see how he does, but we are really hoping to keep him.”

When Buddy’s story went viral, people around the world responded by making donations to the Pennsylvania SPCA and buying t-shirts with Buddy’s likeness on them, allowing the group to raise thousands. Meanwhile, in a post to social media, the Pennsylvania SPCA noted it had taken in 158 abused animals since Buddy was attacked: “That’s more than five Buddys a day.”

Some of those dogs and cats were shot or stabbed, while others were neglected or starved, Kocher said. Leftover money from Buddy’s surgeries and treatment will be used to help the other abused animals in the SPCA’s care.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Cats: Buddy The Philly Cat Makes A Friend, His Attackers Get A Trial Date”

  1. Buddy from Philadelphia deserves the best life! Looks like he found a great place with wonderful people who understand his needs.
    As for his abusers: hopefully they will get punished to the full extent of the law. Animal abusers often receive light sentences if any.
    It’s devastating to know the shelter has taken in so many abused animals since Buddy was attacked.

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    1. That’s why I try not to be too harsh on rescuers who are discriminating about who they adopt out to, even though I got some weird responses as a guy looking to adopt a cat before I found Bud. (Why would a guy want to adopt a cat? For the same reason a woman would!) Those people see the worst abuse cases on a regular basis, and see what lousy human beings are capable of, so they get jaded.

      But yeah, I hope the little guy gets to stay with his foster family. It’s clear they care a lot about him.

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  2. HURRAH fore Philly Buddy!! An concatulationss to Miss Katie fore not only doin surgery on Buddy butt to take him home to foster (keep)!!!
    Can you emagine Buddy an Big Buddy 5 4-leggedss a day goin to sehltur hurt an beaten. That iss so wrong….so furry sad!
    Wee here hope THE 17 an 12 yeer oldss GET a book or 6 thrown at them. An have a permanent record of this an are banned from havin any petss EFURR AGAIN!
    DUE THE crime; Due THE time like THE “Barretta” song sayss!!!!
    Thanx fore yore update! Wee keep purrayin fore Philly Buddy ❤ ❤
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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    1. I know the SPCA is pushing hard for accountability, but whether the kids have a permanent record will be up to the judge in this case, and their own ability to stay out of trouble if they get a deal from prosecutors.

      Usually the terms of a plea will include a fine, community service, probation and a set period when the convicted person has to stay out of trouble — no arrests, no convictions, nothing more than a parking ticket, in most cases.

      If they stick to that, show remorse and cooperate with their counselors, they may get the records expunged.

      I’m not sure how I feel about this case and we don’t know much about the suspects or their circumstance. It sounds like a parent forced them to turn themselves in, which is a good sign that there is accountability at home.

      I don’t think anyone wants to see kids marked for life as felons, but the severity of this crime is also a consideration. Buddy from Philadelphia would have died if one of his caretakers didn’t hear the commotion and stop the attack. That’s why I’m not a judge and someone else will make the hard decisions. 🙂

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      1. Wee agree Big Buddy! BellaSita Mum wuud throw THE book at them reegardless of their agess! Shee does not like animal or child abuserss inn THE leest an no tolerance! Shee wuud bee a Ruff Judge fore sure!
        (Mee agreess with her on this mattur!)
        BellaDharma =^..^=


  3. Stories like this always make me cry. I have 3 cats and it’d kill me if something happened to them. Luckily they’re indoor cats. I hope Buddy’s abusers get the punishment they deserve. Lots of luck and love, Buddy!

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    1. I agree. The attackers are headed to trial this month.

      Not sure if you’re new to the blog (and if you are, welcome!) but I just want to make sure everyone knows that Buddy the Philadelphia Cat is not my Little Buddy the Cat. My Buddy is the gray tabby pictured all over this site. He’s very much an indoor cat, he wouldn’t be able to fend for himself outside (although don’t tell him that, he thinks he’s a tiger) and he’s nice and safe here with me.

      We wrote about the attack because it’s of interest to our readers and because Buddies stick together.

      Buddy the Philadelphia Cat is now safe with his foster family, who will hopefully become his forever family.

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      1. You mentioned in a comment above “I hope Buddy is adopted because he’s happy with his fosters” or something like that, so I figured your Buddy is not him. Yes, I’m new to the blog and thank you for the welcome. I’m happy to hear the attackers are going to be trialed this month.


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