This Good Boy Has Helped Defuse 150 Russian Explosives In Ukraine

This is a cat blog, but every once in a while Little Buddy the Cat magnanimously allows us to issue well-deserved props to dogs who do extraordinary things, like Patron, a two-year-old Jack Russell terrier in Ukraine.

The bomb-sniffing good boy has so far sniffed out 150 dangerous explosives, including landmines and live ordnance left behind by the retreating Russians, according to Ukraine’s foreign ministry. He finds the explosives, tells his human buddies, and the de-miners go to work on neutralizing the devices.

Not only does Patron help save lives at a crucial time in the war, when Russian forces are covering their retreat with mines and other traps, he’s also a handsome little guy and he happily cuddles with kids who could really use a little brightness after what they’ve endured. Is there anything Patron can’t do?

Patron and other bomb-sniffing dogs perform a critical task as they help their human handlers sweep cities and towns before civilians can return. While some “experts” predicted Ukraine would fall in days, the country has shocked the world by not only enduring the Russian invasion, but pushing the invaders back after inflicting heavy losses on them.

Making home safe for returning refugees

As a result of their failure Russian units are consolidating in eastern Ukraine, and some Ukrainians are cautiously returning to what’s left of their cities and neighborhoods for the first time since the Feb. 24 invasion. Since Russia abandoned efforts to take Kyiv and the entire country, tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been returning home every day, according to a United Nations report.

While Kyiv was a ghost town just a few weeks ago, people have returned to the streets, bakeries and cafes have reopened, and churches are holding services again. Patron and his buddies are making sure hidden mines and other traps are neutralized before people come home, avoiding further tragedy after so much loss.

Patron has been helping clear Chernihiv and its surrounding environs. The northern Ukrainian city, which is about 150 kilometers northeast of Kyiv, has been designated a “Hero City” by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The title has also been given to cities like Kharkiv, Volnovakha and Mariupol, and marks sites where Ukrainians dug in to defend their homes despite the brutality of the Russian invasion.

“One day, Patron’s story will be turned into a film, but for now, he is faithfully performing his professional duties,” staffers at Ukraine’s Centre for Strategic Communications and Information Security wrote on Twitter when they shared a video of Patron last month.

Cats have your back, dawgs!

Buddy the Cat salutes Patron and says cats “would totally would help sniff out explosives, but the dogs seem to have a handle on that and we don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder.”

Instead, Buddy said, he’s sure the felines of Ukraine are engaged in some other kind of dangerous, patriotic work, such as reminding humans when it’s dinner time, keeping seats warm and providing delightful company to the war-weary.

10 thoughts on “This Good Boy Has Helped Defuse 150 Russian Explosives In Ukraine”

    1. Check out this FB page

      Feline Defense Force
      Page ยท Satire/Parody ยท 53 like this
      We’re the cats of Ukraine who support our human warriors fighting to protect democracy from enemy invaders. Slava Ukraini! ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›

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      1. That’s awesome. My brother, Buddy the Cat’s “uncle,” lives in Kyiv. Or “lived” I should say. He’s in Poland now and spent the last two months helping people get across the border and buying body armor and medical supplies for his Ukrainian friends.

        I’m very happy to hear Kyiv is coming back to life, and I hope Putin and his minions end up at the Hague where they will be held accountable for their war crimes.

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  1. And do we have a similar story about a dog that helped the people in the Donbass area? Over 14,000 people there were killed by the neo-Nazi army of Ukraine for the crime of speaking Russian and identifying as having a Russian culture.
    Who helped them?


  2. It’s Wishbone and he’s on a whole new adventure!

    Seriously, what a little cutie pie in his little doggie jackets. I sure hope this ends soon (not holding my breath) and Patron and his humans can move on with their lives without fearing of bombs, etc. at every turn. He sure is a big little super hero. (I think he needs a little cape!). Thanks for this story. ๐Ÿ’–

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    1. Indeed, EOD work is no joke. When the video about Patron was published last month, he had found 90 explosive devices, and an update from the Ukrainian military the other day says he’s found 150 — so that’s 60 in the last month alone. Patron is a hard working doggie.


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