These Men Need To Go To Prison For Siccing Their Dogs On A Cat Named Buddy

I took a pass on this story when I first saw it because there’s only so much senseless violence toward cats people can tolerate, and I don’t want people to feel like they’re going to be stressed out when they visit PITB.

Our primary goal here, after all, is to celebrate cats and have a laugh.

But this story is too infuriating to keep quiet about, and when I realized the victimized cat’s name is Buddy, I couldn’t ignore it.

Buddy, a black cat, was on his front porch in Philadelphia on Tuesday when two men passed by, let their dogs loose and ordered them to attack poor little guy.

The men cheered their dogs on with “Get him!” and “Good boy!”, and Buddy probably would have died there if his human didn’t hear the commotion and run outside to intervene.

The two suspects collected their dogs and ran off, while Buddy’s human rushed the injured kitty to the Pennsylvania SPCA, where he underwent surgery for life-threatening injuries.

“Buddy is still hanging in there,” the SPCA announced on Thursday. “He remains in critical condition, but we are cautiously optimistic.”

Buddy, who suffered bite wounds and other injuries over his entire body, was a stray who was cared for — but not fully adopted — by a Philadelphia family. The family told the SPCA that Buddy “didn’t want to live inside,” so after getting him neutered they let him stay on their porch and fed him daily.

“He has lots of puncture wounds,” the SPCA’s Gillian Kocker told KYW-TV, the local CBS affiliate. “They’re worried about infections, but mostly what they’re doing right now is making sure that he’s comfortable and has the medication he needs, especially pain meds.”

While Buddy is recovering and is under 24-7 monitoring, donors from around the world have chipped in, giving more than $30,000. Any money left over after veterinary costs will be used for “Buddy’s buddies,” the SPCA said, meaning other cats in their care.

If and when Buddy recovers, the SPCA said, he will be placed with another family. Meanwhile, the suspects could face felony charges for animal fighting and cruelty to animals if they’re caught, Kocher said. Let’s hope they are.

Anyone who recognizes the suspects should call the SPCA at 866-601-7722.

11 thoughts on “These Men Need To Go To Prison For Siccing Their Dogs On A Cat Named Buddy”

  1. The low life scum who are responsible need to be found, the dogs need to be destroyed, and the scum, well, I won’t say what should be done to them, but they would never walk again.

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    1. I think the most important thing here, aside from Buddy’s survival and health, is charging the men with felonies as a deterrent against this kind of behavior, and making sure people know it’s taken seriously by authorities. There’s the whole “it’s just a cat” nonsense, and some people have no consideration for life, but what we can change is the way these cases are prosecuted and the way the law is applied.

      In many states animals are still considered property, so hurting or killing pets is treated like a civil matter instead of a criminal one.

      Even if people are heartless and don’t care about animals, maybe they’ll think twice about doing things like this if they knew they could get felony charges and go to prison, rather than paying a fine.

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      1. What you’re saying is absolutely correct, Big Buddy. I hope the cat survives, the men are caught and prosecuted. I’m also hoping for things I can’t say here, but you can probably imagine what they are.

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  2. Prosecuted? NO .. these scumbags should be taken and FED to any type of animal that would happily eat them for lunch. Sharks, Crocodiles, Alligators, Lions, Tigers (Or any type of big cat), Wolves …WHATEVER!!! That and their filthy mutts destroyed in the same way .. the two asswipes get to see that happen to their precious dogs .. just before it happens to them. I hope Buddy will be ok and finds a loving home.


  3. Just a heads up: I usually take a hands-off approach to comments and I’m not going to moderate emotional reactions, but racist comments have no place here.

    I included the still images of the suspects in the hope that readers of this blog might help ID them and let the SPCA know. The more people who see the images, the better chance they’re held responsible.

    Please be nice. This has everything to do with behavior and nothing to do with race. In addition, I know cat lovers are generally good, compassionate people.


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