The Other Buddy’s Looking Strong!

Buddy, the cat who was brutally assaulted when two teenagers sicced their pitbulls on him in Philadelphia last week, is making progress every day.

The little guy began opening his eyes again a few days ago, the Pennsylvania SPCA said, and now they’ve shared a short video of Buddy the Black Cat sitting up, licking his lips and tucking into some yums:

Little Buddy the Cat has been pulling for his fellow Buddy. In the meantime, a lot of people have been asking the SPCA how they can help. Here’s a way to do that and get something in return: A spiffy t-shirt that says “Save Every Buddy” with an original design:

Get well, Buddy!
The League of Extraordinary Buddies.

5 thoughts on “The Other Buddy’s Looking Strong!”

  1. OMC!! Poor Big Buddy! What bru-tall Hu’manss they are to sick their evil Poochiess on Big Buddy!! Wee deespise animal abuse inn all itss’ formss!!
    Wee sendin our furrvent purrayerss fore Big Buddy to make a full reecovurry an find a mew (new) home soon…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDahrma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum


    1. Hey Bella – Just to clarify, this happened to a cat named Buddy from Philadelphia, not my Buddy the Cat. I wrote about it because it’s an important story and another reason why people should protect their cats by keeping them indoors, especially in high traffic urban areas where cars and people are the major dangers, but my Buddy is just fine and he’s his same turkey-obsessed, scheming self. 🙂

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