Knighted By The Queen, Buddy Becomes Sir Buddy

LONDON – Call him sir!

Buddy the Cat was officially knighted on Friday during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace, granting him the title Knight of the British Empire and making him the most-honored cat in the Anglosphere since Able Seaman Simon, the decorated ship’s cat who was injured aboard the HMS Amethyst in 1949.

It’s unusual for an American to be knighted and unprecedented for a cat to be elevated to knighthood, but Buddy was honored “for his innumerable contributions to human-feline understanding, unprecedented innovations in the art of napping, and status as tastemaker supreme in the world of delicious snacks,” according to the Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood at St James’s Palace.

Buddy has become a trusted confidante of Queen Elizabeth II, royal insiders noted, and the two speak by telephone for at least 15 minutes each week.

“Her Majesty grew to appreciate Sir Buddy’s counsel in trying times,” a palace insider said. “In return, she advised Sir Buddy to keep a stiff upper lip during the Great Turkey Shortage of early 2021.”

Palace sources say the queen refers to her feline friend as “my dearest Buddington,” and often addresses him by the familiar “Bud-Bud.” Sir Buddy is also said to be close with Prince William.

Official portrait of Sir Buddy, KBE. Credit: Royal portraitist Eldar Zakirov.

In addition to the knighthood, which entitles the American cat to refer to himself as Sir Buddy, KBE, the Crown gifted holdings including a cat-size palace on Buckingham grounds, as well as a country estate in Oxfordshire.

The estate’s central manor, Budsworth House, has 32 rooms, 86 couches, a dozen fireplaces and at least 16 antique litter boxes. The grounds are home to sprawling gardens featuring feline-centric statuary and boxes made of stone, as well as guest cottages for human and feline visitors.

One of 14 statues of Sir Buddy that decorate the grounds and gardens of Budsworth House.

Rumors that Sir Buddy would be created Buddy, Earl of Buddington, did not come to fruition, although royal experts say an earldom is not off the table for the Queen’s favorite feline.

“Her Majesty is quite fond of Bud-Bud and was delighted when a parcel arrived with a Christmas card and a framed photograph of the two of them together,” a palace sources said. “In fact, Prince George and Princess Charlotte refer to Sir Buddy as ‘Uncle Bud-Bud.’ So in a sense, Sir Buddy is already part of the family.”

9 thoughts on “Knighted By The Queen, Buddy Becomes Sir Buddy”

  1. As a Londoner and a citizen of her Majesty’s realm, I am delighted to confirm that Sir Buddy KBE is indeed most welcome and honoured, I am only sorry that I was not present at the ceremony, however, Bella (a regular visitor to Buckingham Palace as a representative of 007) tells me that Buddy looked as splendid and impressive as ever

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      1. I hope that Sir Buddy has settled in his Estate as Superior Chief Mouser and has employed his staff of kitties to do all the menial work. Maybe send some troopers over to Frogmore Cottage, as it has been heard that 2 nibblers named Harry and megs have been on the loose!

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  2. Congratulations from One Eyed Joe “or Dexter from Scotland. I recently spent the last five years at HMS.Grampian before boarding a container ship. Well done. Sir’ Bub Bud of Budington, on becoming a knight of the Realm. My Grandfather” a descendant twice removed’ from the kite’cat family, and a relation of able bodied seamanx Simon, The cat who was honoured in 1949 on board HMS. Amethyst Send you the Honorary member of the Sardine & the mouse & wish you well

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    1. Hey Steffan – Is Dexter your cat? I read about him and was going to write a post. If you’re his human, would you be willing to talk about the little guy’s journey?


  3. I salute Sir Buddy! Such a handsome puss!! Is he acquainted with Larry? The 10 Downing Street permanent resident cat? Maybe they could discuss ways of booting out Boris & Co.,”NEXT TENANT PLEASE”!! Maybe, Palmerston from next door could put his paw in to contribute. Three cheers for cats!! Long may they reign!! Oh, congratulations your Majesty. Thank you for 70 glorious years. God bless you. X

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  4. I wonder if Sir Buddy may be related to both my cats, the similarities to my Montgomery (Monty) and Winston (Winnie), so uncanny. Hmm, cousins maybe? My two behave so regal. Bless. Yep! Definitely related.

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