Buddy, Food Network Reach Deal For New Cooking Show

NEW YORK — Poised to become the next major celebrity chef, Buddy the Cat will welcome audiences into his kitchen next year with a new show on Food Network.

Dubbed “Buddy’s Bistro,” the show will focus on the feline’s favorite fowl recipes and dishes.

“Our turkey casserole is ready to come out of the oven, and boy does it smell delicious!” Buddy says in one clip as he uses oven mitts to lift a tray. “Now we’re going to add a crust of fried turkey, baste with turkey sauce and garnish with turkey. Voila!”

Buddy bows and the audience erupts with applause in the clip, which has been viewed more than 160,000 times since it was posted to YouTube.


Other episodes will see Buddy making frozen turkey pops for the summer months, turkey egg omelettes with sliced turkey as a go-to breakfast dish, and a Thanksgiving meal called tur-tur-turkey that involves cooking a turkey inside a larger turkey, which is itself cooked inside an even larger turkey with fried turkey stuffing and turkey gravy.

The celebricat chef will also demonstrate little known variations on traditional foods like turkey hot wings, a Southern turkey sandwich and turkey loaf.

“Most people don’t realize what a versatile ingredient turkey really is,” Buddy said. “My goal is to replace every single ingredient of every dish with turkey. It’s a most delicious challenge.”


8 thoughts on “Buddy, Food Network Reach Deal For New Cooking Show”

  1. A turkey stuffed with a turkey stuffed into a larger turkey: sounds like the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner! 😀 Happy TG, Buddies!


    1. It’s a reference to John Madden’s famous (and disgusting) turducken, which is exactly what it sounds like: A deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, stuffed into a deboned turkey, with the wings of the chicken and duck stapled to the turkey so it looks like a bird with six wings.

      Madden loves the dish and always makes a big deal of it on Thanksgiving. The fact that I know that is testament to how much damn football my cousins and uncles watch on holidays. I love basketball and baseball, but I’ve always found the NFL tedious.

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  2. I don’t like turkey so my dear Big Buddy can have my portion. Btw, if The Buddy was on the Food Network I would watch an entire day about Turkey & the uses & recipes thereof! 😋

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