I Was A Good Boy On Halloween, Now Give Me Snacks!

Bud won’t tolerate a costume and I wouldn’t make him wear one, but he’s cool with wearing a festive scarf courtesy of my mom, who insists she doesn’t like him but somehow ends up buying stuff for him.

The cool thing about having an unusually curious and friendly cat is that he dashes to the door like a dog whenever someone knocks. Halloween is no exception, and Bud has been helping me hand out candy since he was a kitten.

When trick or treaters come by, the little guy can’t wait to see who’s in the other side of the door. He sits on the threshold and just takes it all in — the new people, the funny costumes, the strange human ritual that involves helping children get an epic sugar high and upset stomach.

For Bud it’s a night of excitement without any anxiety since no one’s actually stepping into his territory. They all keep a respectful distance, like supplicants with an audience before a powerful but benevolent king, and in turn the king allows his servant to reward their fealty with gifts of candy.

Bud on Halloween
“Let’s just get this over with, human. Remember, you said I could have catnip AND extra yums if I wear this infernal scarf!”

Sadly Halloween was a dud this year even more than last year, which was our first pandemic All Hallow’s Eve. Living in an apartment building, especially on the first floor, usually means a steady stream of kids, but this year I had maybe six or seven knocks on the door, and the kids were trick or treating in ones and twos. (All kids are chaperoned by parents these days too. It makes me wonder how my brother and I — and our friends — survived as kids, going out into the big bad world ourselves to trick or treat!)

unrecognizable men in glowing halloween masks driving car at night
You’d think Halloween was Purge Night by how parents hover over their kids. Credit: Erik Mclean/Pexels.com


6 thoughts on “I Was A Good Boy On Halloween, Now Give Me Snacks!”

  1. My cats run whenever someone’s at the door … or in the yard. When I told them how Buddy insists on meeting people at the door they hung their heads in shame. Actually they ignored me … as usual.


    1. You could try conditioning them. “Okay, kitties, you get a treat every time you come to the door with me!” I can’t claim credit for Bud’s friendliness though, he’s been that way since he was a baby.

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  2. I think he looks so festive! Funny about his grandmom, but now she can always come up with gift ideas for you, through Buddy.
    My big white Ghoticat must’ve known about Hallowe’en. The day before (there years on a row!), he would stick his face in mud or dirty motor oil somehow. He’d come home with a bandito mask as his costume. Day or two after, he’d get it cleaned off. Amazing. It’s not just black cats that are hiding on Hallowe’en.


    1. That’s true, and apparently my mom did bond with Buddy a little bit when she was cat sitting for him. Miraculously he behaved for her.

      What is a Ghoticat? I’ve never heard of it before. Sounds like some sort of ghostly white cat, smart enough to make his own Halloween costume!

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