Still Don’t Think Temptations Are Kitty Crack? Watch This

In my last post about Temptations, aka the kitty crack, I noted that Buddy had once gotten into one of those big tubs of the stuff and gorged himself before getting sick.

He’s not the only cat to do that, as I wrote at the time, but this cat takes cake: She’s able to pop the lid off and get at the cracktastic treats inside in less than 60 seconds:

And here’s a cat who has learned how to open his treat cabinet to get the Temptations inside:

These videos confirm I made the right call getting the little guy off the stuff.

4 thoughts on “Still Don’t Think Temptations Are Kitty Crack? Watch This”

  1. Somewhere I have similar videos from years ago. I actually had to resort to child safety locks on my cabinets. I’ll never forget a plumber coming in and asking about my kids. When I said “oh I don’t have kids, those are for the cats” he looked at me like I was nuts.

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  2. Wow, those Temptations must be the cat equivalent of Cheetos! And the sheer determination and ingenuity required to get the treats into their tempt-addict mouths! Hoping Buddy is enjoying his new life free of cracktations!

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    1. Thanks, Julie. Buddy wasn’t happy about it those first few days, but he’s adjusted and he’s eating all of his wet food again, which is good because he wasn’t doing that when he was on the Temptations.

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