Who Wants More Buddy?

Hello and welcome to our Spring 2020 reader survey! We here at Pain In The Bud (littlebuddythecat.com) appreciate our readers, all four million of them, and we’d like to know what kind of content YOU want to see on this illustrious blog.

So without further adieu, here are the reader survey questions:

1) How often would you like to see new photos of Buddy?

a) Daily
b) Twice a day
c) Every hour!

2) How much should Buddy charge for his pawtograph?

a) One bag of Temptations turkey flavor.
b) One bag of Blue Buffalo moist turkey treats.
c) A whole turkey.
d) Two (2) cans of delicious turkey pate.

3) Are you interested in stories about other cats?

a) Nope, I just want to read about Buddy!
b) Maybe, but not if that means fewer Buddy stories!
c) Yes. I love all cat stories, but Buddy is my favorite.

4) How would you describe Buddy if you were recommending his site to friends and other cat lovers?

a) He’s roguishly handsome.
b) He has big muscles.
c) He’s roguishly handsome, he has big muscles and he’s incredibly charming.

5) What’s your favorite thing about Buddy?

a) He’s a mastermind! He always comes up with brilliant schemes that never, ever backfire.
b) He’s astonishingly brave! Most cats are terrified of vacuums, kitchen blenders and garbage trucks, but Buddy isn’t like most cats.
c) He’s possessed of exceptional intuition. His powers of deduction, such as his investigation linking Coronavirus to Corona beer, are second to none.
d) He’s remarkably humble. He has the body of Cadonis, the strength of a tiger, the roar of a lion and the stealth of a jaguar melting into the jungle, but he never brags.

6) Have you told your friends and family about Buddy?

a) Does a bear poop in the woods?
b) I never stop talking about him! He’s so dreamy!
c) I have been derelict in my duty to inform others of how delightful he is. I apologize and will correct my error!

Thanks in advance for your answers! Your responses constitute valuable data that we’ll use to improve this blog, and have absolutely nothing to do with massaging Buddy’s ego. Cheers!


17 thoughts on “Who Wants More Buddy?”

  1. 1. Daily

    2. I will pay of of these and throw in a sexy picture of Bella the cat as well

    3. He is my favourite due to his astute reasoning in world cat/ human issues

    4. I would say that Bella recommends him…

    5. Clearly his superpowers are beyond human comprehension and we should not even try to define them. We should merely believe

    6. Hell yeah I have told all my friends… I have one…

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  2. 1c every hour, 2, all the above, BTW does buddy know that turkey treats have an effect on protecting you from both corona virus and corona beer? 3b, does that mean I could showcase my Milly? 4c, 5a, genius I say. 6b. Won’t shut up.

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    1. Yes! Someone else suggested that and i think it’s a good idea. Each post in that series would be a different reader’s cat. I just gotta come up with a clever name for it.

      I shall pass along your compliments to His Grace!


  3. 1. Twice. Hourly. I really want to see that social distancing bubble he’s constructed

    2. Three turkey sandwiches and a bag of premium purr-ple haze nip

    3. Only if it’s about Bucky Katt meeting Buddy (discussing their plans for world domination)

    4. Meeyowza! Pawsitively clawsome!

    5. Sacrilege! His Highness is clearly beyond all silly human definitions!

    6. All my invisible friends know about him

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    1. You’re quite right, Ajeya, our limited human language cannot convey Buddy’s true awesomeness. Buddy says he likes your thinking re: charging turkey AND catnip for pawtographs, and says he will research this Bucky Katt you speak of.

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