‘Who, Me? I Wasn’t Clawing At The Screen Again, I Swear!’

“Hahaha! You humans are so funny with your overactive imaginations!


Your ears and eyes deceive you, human! I was not trying to scratch the screen door again.

I told you, those tears in the screen are from a chalupacabra! I said ‘Look here, chalupacabra, this is Buddy Territory. You’re not welcome here! Get!’

But you know those chalupacabras, they never listen. Stubborn animals!

Pictured: A vicious Chalupacabra that scratches the screen door and blames poor Buddy. Credit: PITB

My claws are NOT stuck in the screen, okay? I’m just resting my paw. I can get free any time I want, it’s just that I don’t want to right now.”

Forty-six minutes later:


“I’m right here, you know. I see you eating that ice cream sandwich. I see how it is. ‘Snacks for me, but not for thee.’ Well I have news for you, human! I’m going to sit here and stare at you all mean-like until you procure a Buddy snack.

You feel guilty? Good! You’re meant to.”

6 thoughts on “‘Who, Me? I Wasn’t Clawing At The Screen Again, I Swear!’”

  1. Funny you mention the word screen! I cannot open windows more than an inch because my cat will make a hole within seconds and can go out. Front and back of house.

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    1. Cats are brutal with screens lol. I try my best to keep Bud away from the door screen, but he loves hanging out on the balcony so much when the weather is nice. I can’t take that away from him.

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  2. And nothing wrong with giving cats bit of ice cream. And i mean a tiny spoonful. Vanilla. I give cats tiny piece of cheese sometimes.

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    1. I’ve never given Bud any ice cream because I saw videos of cats getting brain freeze from really small amounts.

      He loves cheese though, and I do give him very small pieces of gouda (his favorite), American cheese and a few other varieties.


      1. Wow! I had no clue. Maybe melted ice cream. I noticed in searing heat my semi- feral will not lick bowl of ice with water so now i just leave him cool water and he drinks it.

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