Stressed Cat Crying In Shelter After Her Human Passed Away Is A Reminder: Have A Plan For Your Kitties

I’ve already made my family swear to me that, should something happen to me, one of them is to take Bud and treat him as an extension of me.

That’s because, as handsome and delightful and meowscular as the little guy is, he can also be a little terror at times, and God forbid he ends up in a shelter, scared and confused, then lashes out at a staffer and gets condemned to the needle.

We’re talking about a cat who has attacked his cat sitter repeatedly, smacked an admirer for petting him too long, and — while he has improved dramatically over the years — has bitten and scratched me many times, usually when he’s freaked out about something.

I love him. Someone else may not. He has to stay with someone who loves me enough to treat him like a part of me, someone who knows how much he means to me.

Although I’m not a fan of linking to TikTok, this video is a reminder why it’s so important to make arrangements. Sunny here found herself at Orange County Animal Services after her human mom died, and she’s not doing well. In addition to losing the human she loved and only home she knew, she’s now in a scary new place with new people and animals, confined to a tiny enclosure.

Photographer Albert Harris, who shot the video, said the shelter has received an application to adopt Sunny since he posted the video online, so let’s hope the distraught kitty finds a new home quickly:


Sunny needs your help. And it’s not 💩 on the blanket. It’s just treats but she is stressed not to eat them. She is at Orange County Animal Services! #catsoftiktok #sheltercat #cattok

♬ suara asli – DENII – DENII

19 thoughts on “Stressed Cat Crying In Shelter After Her Human Passed Away Is A Reminder: Have A Plan For Your Kitties”

  1. Our cats are in our wills – if anything happens to both of us – or to one of us and for some reason the other can’t care for them, they’ll be looked after and rehomed by the Cats Protection Cat Guardians service. Cats Protection is a wonderful organisation- they never put a healthy cat down. But that’s in the UK – don’t know about other countries.

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  2. Uh, forgot to mention this in my earlier comment: Sunny is one of three cats in need of a home! Poor things, what are the chances they’ll be adopted together? This is so sad.

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  3. It helps to be fortunate to have two young adult offspring. I know either would give Tuxie a good life, which is important because he gets cranky. I have a TikTok cat video habit! Not all are great but the evolving story of Caleb the rescue is heartwarming to see.

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    1. Tux, cranky? Impossible! My thing with TikTok isn’t so much the content (although much of it is inane), but the fact that all Chinese companies answer to the CCP, and indeed recent reports have confirmed that contrary to the company executives’ sworn testimony before congress, its US user data has been accessed from China.

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  4. WE hope Sunny DOES find a new home & will live out the rest of her life bein loved.
    Buddy & Big Buddy I have a Guardian for BellaDharma who knows her & will care for her until the Rescue people can take BellaDharma. I have details on a form on my Fridge so whoever comes in can call the Guardian immediately.
    Guardian is now listed as ‘Next-Of-Kin” also.
    And it is all written in my will. I’ve been doin this for many years to protect my cats. And now that I have terminal health issue I made sure to have 2 Guardians!
    This is a VERY important issue & I am lad you wrote about it Big Buddy!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen (BellaSita Mum) an ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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      1. Big Buddy when my Brother Dale was murdered in 1985 (he was 25; I was 29) & I realized I needed a Guardian & back-up plan for any cats or dogs I had in the future. Something as unexpected as murder has that effect on people…well on me! Be Prepared! 😉

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