Guess Who Attacked His Cat Sitter? (Again)

I’ve been in Washington, D.C. the last few days and have left Buddy in the care of his long-time sitter, a friend who has known him since he was a kitten.

You may recall I wrote about howhe attacked her back in the summer of 2020, but she’s such a nice person that she continued to look after him, including during my trip to the Outer Banks earlier this year and my current absence.

If she won’t care for Buddy in the future, I can’t blame her. Bud attacked her this time for the unspeakable crime of…playing with him! (She’s had several cats of her own, so it’s not like she doesn’t know how to interact with a feline.)

I fear I am going to have to hire men armed with tactical gear and ballistic shields, who will breach the apartment, refill Bud’s bowls under the protection of a phalanx of shields, and then make careful egress without taking their eyes off him.

Either that or board him, which probably won’t go well.

Ah well. I’ll see him tomorrow. He’ll probably run to the door to greet me and rub up against me, then remember he’s supposed to be mad at me. He’ll give me a dismissive “Hrrrrrrmmmmph!” and pad off to ignore me for as long as he can before returning to his normal behavior.

16 thoughts on “Guess Who Attacked His Cat Sitter? (Again)”

  1. Hmmm … it seems Buddy is trying to tell you something like: DON’T YOU DARE LEAVE ME! I also sense Buddy has an aversion to his sitter. How bad was the attack?
    Yesterday I was flossing my teeth while my favorite cat watched, sitting right in front of me. He suddenly snapped at the floss and my lip got in the way. 😦 No big deal, just a tiny bit of blood where his teeth got me.

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    1. Bad connection here so hopefully this comment goes through…apparently he attacked but she dodged in time, so no blood was spilt by the Budster. Still, this is twice now. Gonna have a little talk with him when I get home haha.

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  2. Awe Buddy! Hoping for Tux good behavior when we go on vacation in two weeks! My son who rescued him as a kitten will watch him. Tux prefers women babysitting him, but hopefully he will not pout with the sincere love he will receive!

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  3. Deer Buddy iss not a guud idea to attack your Kitty Sitter…..
    Ferst yore Hu’man Big Buddy iss goin bee REELLY Pixxed about this.
    Seckond your Kitty Sitter may not want to hang out with you again.
    Third what if Army peepss are sent inn to take care of you?? Do you want purrfect strangerss there??

    Maybee you an Big Buddy need a back-up plan?
    Or Big Buddy you may not bee leevin yore house fur efurr…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an *stern lookss* BellaSita Mum

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    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could communicate “I’m going away on Thursday, but I’ll be home on Sunday. That’s only two full days you won’t see me. I’ll be back before you know it.”

      Then maybe there’d be less acting out and more chillin’ out.

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  4. Bella has “preferred” servants – these are the people she will happily allow to fuss over her. Luckily they are retired and also have cats so we do a sort of “swap rota” they care for her (and Bertie -when he is in residence) and we take care of their 3 when they go away. Cats definitely do not like change and she sticks close to us when we come home with a sort of “where the heck have you two been ?” look on her face ( combined with judgemental stares of course…)

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  5. As a catsitter i was only attacked once. Bitten in the knee. He was stressed with new place and baby in his life i guess. Never took it personally. But those teeth hurt like hell!

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