Buddy the Cat, Hero of the Pandemic

From the High Office of Really Awesome Cats
Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020

Let it be known that Buddy the Cat has earned this commendation for going above and beyond the call of duty, for being a Good Boy (mostly) who has played an instrumental role in keeping his human sane during a time of absolute insanity. For helping alleviate loneliness and depressing circumstances, for being his naturally delightful self, and for fidelity to the daily schedule so yums are always dispensed at the right time, we salute the inimitable Buddy.

Buddy the Cat, 6, has been a constant companion to his human, Big Buddy, throughout the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, providing him with companionship and lulz during the dark days of March and April when New York became the epicenter of infection. He has continued his duties, raising morale over the summer, fall and into the current winter.

Buddy the Cat, a true hero.

The dedicated tabby cat has fallen face-first into boxes, misjudged jumps, scared himself with his own shadow and sung the Song of His People at 3 a.m., all in an attempt to bring laughs to the gloom. He has curled up with his human while the latter read books, supervised indoor hobby activities and defeated the Red Dot of Evil.

Also, he’s really good looking, charming and has big muscles!

We recognize Buddy the Cat as a credit to his species and a paragon of feline handsomeness. He is a true buddy and best friend. Now give him snacks!

Has your cat been a hero of the pandemic?

12 thoughts on “Buddy the Cat, Hero of the Pandemic”

  1. Frank has truly gone above and beyond in the fight against Covid-19, as he makes a point of reminding me at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time:
    “I have fought heroically, and have even caught Covid myself many times! Anna keeps saying that they’re spiders, but she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. It’s obvious that they’re Covids – you can tell by those eight little spikes sticking out of them!”
    Maybe he’s gone a little too far above and beyond …

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  2. Tux is also a very good boy. He excels in his job as Cat Counselor and part time Cat Comedian. He encourages leisure by sitting and sleeping on or near his human, thereby forcing rest time! His devotion is complete, as long as the bowls are full and yums meet his exacting standards!

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    1. Cat haters would have us believe our little friends are selfish, but clearly cats have our best interests in mind when they sleep on us, as you have pointed out! They are simply looking out for us and demanding that we rest, knowing that even getting up to use the bathroom or to get a beverage is hard work. 🙂

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  3. Buddy is truly a fuzzy little hero! My cat, Holly B. Catt, as she is sometimes known, has also been a hero, not only of the pandemic, but of the harrowing times of wildfire danger and evacuations. She kept us entertained and laughing in a tiny hotel room while evacuated last fall. And she continues to make us laugh during stressful times… unless she is sleeping. 🙂

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    1. Holly is especially heroic considering the wildfires forced her out of HER home. It’s one thing for a cat to lighten the mood at home, and quite another when they are suffering the indignity of having to go to a hotel. A commendation for Holly!

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      1. Holly says “Thank mew!” She actually celebrated her 5th Birthday in that little hotel room. I got a big cupcake and everything! She got a new toy that kept us all entertained. She was very well behaved despite scratching the sofa bed and climbing into the chest of drawers at 3 AM. And she only tried to escape from the room 5 or 6 times! Come to think of it, I think she was as happy to finally come home as we were. 🙂

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      2. Five or six escape attempts is nothin’! Haha. Seriously though, I feel for you guys. That can’t have been easy being in a pandemic and then having to leave your home because of wildfires. San Diego and the surrounding area of SoCal is beautiful, but I get why people from elsewhere in Cali are abandoning it for places like AZ and Texas.

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    2. Spunkmeyer has always been a cat who needs his humans and worries when his dad is gone! Walks through the house yowling until I pet him and reassure him we haven’t left him! He sometimes has separation anxiety. I think he was abandoned and that’s how he got up the tree when the Coyote pack came through. But we so far haven’t had any horrible things happen like you have! We had a friend who lived in Paradise. Their house was still standing but it was scary getting the critters into the car and Leaving! The dad’s steering wheel was too hot to touch and there was fire on both sides of the freeway! But they made it! And were staying with friends! Too scary to contemplate! I am glad you and they are ALL ok!

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