Frankie Sad Eyes Has Been Adopted!

Every once in a while a cat’s story will tug at the heartstrings, and while Bud and I are mostly impervious to that sort of thing (being so manly that we dominate our emotions, obviously), we couldn’t help but become invested in the story of Frankie Sad Eyes.

The handsome 11-year-old was surrendered by his human at an age when he should have been kicking back and telling kittens what it was like Back In His Day, and his hooded blue peepers seemed to reflect his sadness at losing everything he’d known.

In my head, I imagined Frankie and Buddy teaming up, kind of a bad cop/bad cop duo who would keep the neighborhood cats on their toes and extort treats from them.

“We don’t like it when cats don’t pay their protection yums, do we, Buddy?”

“No we don’t, Frankie.”

“It would be a shame if anything were to happen to this spiffy cat condo, wouldn’t it, Buddy?”

“That’s right, Frankie. A real shame indeed.”

Alas, Frankie doesn’t get along with other cats and Bud is a bit of a jerk when he wants to be, so it could never happen. There can be only one king here.

Instead we were content to follow Frankie’s progress from afar, with the staff at Tabby’s Place in Ringoes, NJ, providing regular updates on his health and his interactions with other cats. The latter usually involved Frankie having to “educate” his peers with a stiff paw, but also some positive exchanges as well.

Still, it was clear that Frankie needed to be the only cat in his own kingdom, and staff at Tabby’s Place were able to match the mercurial moggie with a human who will dutifully attend to his needs, make sure his new realm isn’t sullied by the presence of other cats, and provide a chill environment suited to a senior cat. At heart there’s no doubt Frankie’s a good boy. He just needs his space.

Tabby’s Place said farewell to Frankie with this video of his pre-departure “victory lap,” and it was clear from the send-off he received that he’d touched a lot of hearts during his stay, even if he did smack a lot of cats too.

Good luck, dear Frankie, and take it easy on your new human, will ya? We have no doubt she’ll dote on you like the king you are.

10 thoughts on “Frankie Sad Eyes Has Been Adopted!”

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated, Big Buddy! Best wishes go to Frankie, his new person and the people who took care of him. That video is hilarious, Frankie is clearly not amused about the “victory lap”.

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    1. Yeah I was surprised at how tolerant he was at being held, even though the TP staffer was holding him the right way. I can see how difficult it must be for the staff and volunteers to say goodbye to cats, especially cats like Frankie who have big personalities and make big impressions.

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      1. The staff really seems to love him, and they’re glad he’s found a good home. Maybe they’ll keep in touch with Frankie and his new people?
        I once adopted a cat from a newspaper ad, she was a special needs animal and in danger of being turned out by the landlord. Her heartbroken former owner asked if she could visit her, and she did! She was moving to Africa and wanted to see her former cat once more … Not a dry eye in the house on that occasion!

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  2. This!!!!! I could go on and on.. but.. 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊
    This whole story, is great. I am so happy Frankie found his forever home, and that they found him.

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