SpaceCat, Baby Bud and Mister Meowster: New from Buddy Comics!

The Buddy Comics empire expands with two new titles and a new installment of The Adventures of Baby Bud.

We meet Mister Meowster, the most legendary feline investigator of his neighborhood, who’s called upon to use his Sherlockian skills in search of missing mice. In 11-Dimensional Hyperspace, SpaceCat tunnels to the next iteration of reality in her starship. Finally, Baby Buddy contends with a dark chapter from the past, when there was a shortage of the very stuff of life.

All covers created via natural language AI and pixlr.

Mister Meowster is the greatest detective for at least three blocks.

SpaceCat tunnels through 11-dimensional hyperspace to reach the next stack in the braneworld! M-theory enthusiasts and cat lovers won’t be able to put this down!

Before the Great Turkey Shortage of 2021, there was the Great Turkey Shortage of 2015. In Chapter 6, we visit that grim chapter in in Buddy’s life, when he was forced to eat chicken.

15 thoughts on “SpaceCat, Baby Bud and Mister Meowster: New from Buddy Comics!”

  1. These titles back up my absolute love of the Joe Grey mysteries. Buddy is clearly at the same level as Joe Grey. Indeed Bella is now even more impressed and has in fact gone out in search of the “missing mouse” herself. I do expect her to have the mystery solved shortly albeit very bloodily…

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    1. Thanks for mentioning Joe Grey, I wasn’t aware of those books. I just looked at the author’s site and I’ll check out her work. Should I just start with the first one or is there one you recommend as a good point to jump in?


      1. I have them all but do recommend start at the beginning then you get to know them and see how the additional cats join in the later books. Very much a “cozy” mystery series

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