Get Your Buddy Down At The Shelter!

The following is a Very Important Message from Buddy the Cat:

Hi, readers!

I’m going to share a story with you, and it may shock you to your core, but I promise it’s true and it’s a good thing.

You see, as handsome, meowscular, singular, charming, delightful, smart, full of personality and meowscular as I am (did I already say that?), I’m what the British call a moggie. A feline of no particular breed. A “standard issue cat.”

“But Buddy,” you’re thinking. “That’s impossible! How could such an awesome cat as you be a ‘plain old’ moggie?”

Well, I am. That’s why I invented the Buddinese breed, to make myself seem more exotic. But the truth is, Big Buddy adopted me, and my effortless charm and huge personality are a combination of genetics and growing up in an environment where I was doted on, played with, socialized, exposed to lots of different people and places, and just as importantly, given delicious, quality yums to eat.

The reason I’m telling you all this is that you don’t need to spend $5,000 on a Bengal or $20,000 on a Savannah to have an awesome cat. You should be slapped and sterilized if you give that much money to a breeder, let alone when there are so many kitties who need homes.

What I’m trying to say is that, as Adopt A Cat Month comes to a close, your local shelter has its own Buddies waiting for you. Go meet them!

They might not seem like Buddies. They might be depressed that their owners surrendered them, shocked that they’re in a shelter, and muted from spending 90 percent of their time in tiny enclosures. But they are Buddies, I assure you, and if you give them a chance to flourish like Big Buddy did for me, they’ll reveal themselves as the awesome little buddies they are.

Buddy the Buddy
I’m unique and special, but so are the shelter cats!

They just need a home, a human or two who will care about them, and a little love. Oh, and toys. Lots of toys. And turkey. Some of them may prefer other types of food, and they’re wrong about that because turkey is the best, but if they like lesser foods like chicken, salmon or beef, well, give it to them!

Once your Buddies realize they are in their forever homes and they aren’t going back to the shelter, things will revert to the Natural Order™, your cat will come to expect excellent service, and you will be designated as an official servant to a member of felinekind, which is the highest honor a human could hope for.

So go on! Get your Buddy! He’s waiting for you, and you’ll make every bit of difference in his life.

Your friend,



6 thoughts on “Get Your Buddy Down At The Shelter!”

  1. Well said Buddy! There are so many wonderful cats out there waiting for a home. Thanks for speaking out on behalf of the “lesser” buddies!

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  2. Bella Totally agrees, she herself is a rescue and so is her new companion Bertie ( who was abandoned). They make a wonderful pair who contribute nothing but joy to our lives every single day.

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  3. My babies are one that was 8 weeks old and going to be put in a shelter one born on the street and after 3 months came close enough to get to a vet and on from North Shore Animal League. I am privileged to be a cat servant to them all. You go and be proud to be a moggie!!!!

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  4. I volunteer at Cape May County Animal Welfare Society on Saturday mornings. My title is ‘cat cuddler,’ which is actually more ‘cat playmate.’ We have a LOT of cats, all of whom are free-range in several rooms of the building. There’s one I’m madly in love with – named Cookie – who’s one of the sweetest smartest cats I’ve ever encountered. I’d adopt her in a heartbeat if a) I didn’t already have four cats, and b) I could be sure she’d use the litter box. (I was told she has issues with that.) Currently, she’s the highlight of my shift. For anyone in the area who might be interested in having a cat, be assured she’s far from the only one who’s sweet, smart, and adorable. And almost 100% of them are litter box friendly.

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  5. Toetallee KEWL post Buddy! Mee was resckued from a Sheltur inn a completely shut down state.Aftur 5 monthss of eatin an sleepin an usin littur an not doin anything else; mee came ‘to Life” butt mee was aggressive an nippin an clawin BellaSita Mum’ss feet an handss an even bit her rite arm!!!
    Shee was so freeked out.
    Shee gotted Feliway Diffuser an plugged it inn an that helped. Then shee blogged ’bout mee. An shee meowed fore HELP!
    An tooked mee to Vetman…..who was orignallee mee ACKSHUAL Vet!!
    Shee found out mee semi-feral hisstory an gotted such grate advice.
    Shee has werked with mee to moddyfy mee beehaviourss an mee iss mee bestest self now. Sure mee has teeny ferally momintss butt BellaSita Mum talkss mee out of doin sumthin notty.
    Were it not fore her; mee wuud bee on THE streetss again or PTS!
    Wee hit THE “Jackpot” with Big Buddy an BellaSita Mum Buddy!!!!!!!!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{hugss}} BellSita Mum

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