Russian Woman’s Maine Coon Is The Size Of A Lynx

It’s not easy having a huge cat.

As readers of PITB know, I have first-hand experience with taking care of a massive beast of a cat, with Buddy weighing in at a jaw-dropping 10 pounds, most of it pure meowscle of course.

That means I can sympathize with Russian one-percenter Yulia Minina, who bought a Maine Coon kitten less than two years ago only to see him balloon into an almost 30-pound behemoth — and he’s still growing!

Visitors often mistake Kefir for a large dog at first, Minina said, but the Maine Coon is the kind of gentle giant typical of his species and acts more like “a very affectionate and modest child.”

“When friends and acquaintances come to the house, all the attention is on him and he willingly allows himself to be stroked,” Minina told the UK’s South West News Service.

Kefir the cat
The scary part? Kefir isn’t done growing. Credit: Yulia Minina/Instagram

While most cats are just about their full size after a year, Maine Coons can continue to grow until after their second birthdays. (There’s no evidence that they continue to grow until they’re 5 years old despite claims online, mostly from breeder sites.) That means Kefir, who already looks like a robust lynx, could end up challenging domestic cat size records if he enjoys another growth spurt.

Kefir is just starting to go viral within the past day or two, and as his Instagram follower count (7,288 as of this post) continues to tick up, so do the enquiries from people who want to buy the big guy.

“To everyone who wants to buy my cat, I answer: NOT FOR SALE!” Minina wrote in an Instagram post on Monday. “But I can give all the information about the breeder that many have asked! At the moment, 3 gorgeous snow-white blue eyes are available in the nursery age 1 month. I think you don’t need to praise their beautiful and big parents, you already know everything!”

No word yet if Minina gets a commission on successful referrals to the breeder.

In the meantime, Buddy can rest easy knowing that even if another cat rivals his huge and intimidating presence, he’s all the way in Stary Oskol, a safe 4,873 miles away.

Budzilla the Meowscular
The similarly massive Buddy, who rivals the size of a football. Credit: The Buddy Society for Preservation of Buddy Photographs

6 thoughts on “Russian Woman’s Maine Coon Is The Size Of A Lynx”

  1. Kefir is absolutely stunning, and that name! Perfection … uh, runner-up to Buddy perfection that is!! Seriously, Kefir is no Buddy! 🙂


  2. Just curious as to why you described the owner as a “one percenter.” That’s not like you to use an epithet.
    He certainly is a B I G boy, isn’t he? Gorgeous. Not as gorgeous as Buddy of course!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry, I meant that as a declaration of fact, not as a pejorative. If you look at her Instagram you’ll see why — the purchased domestic pets, the pet monkey in “cute” human clothes, the lifestyle and the location.



    My fat cat often made me wonder where

    she was at, if she just played tit-for-tat

    large and black, she really did know well that

    she lived with me, host, who really did care

    for her health yet mistakenly would dare

    to feed her foods that made her rather fat

    which accompanied her as a real brat

    along with her lasting, piercing, green stare.

    Present with that often-adoring glare

    were the frivolous acts of my sweet cat

    and she could sometimes cause me a nightmare

    in my life by after having just sat

    in her ‘space,’ then just leave—guess who’d bear

    the worry, why she was not on her mat?

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