I Smell Treason In The Air!

A special message from Buddy:

There is treason in the air, dear readers! I can smell it, just as surely as I can smell an open tin of catnip from three rooms away.

There has been increased laundry activity, hushed talk of a place called North Carolina, and the suspiciously early decommissioning of the Christmas tree.

My food has been inventoried and a portion of it set aside. I am not very good at math, but it appears to be at least four or fivedays’ worth of perfect portions wet food in addition to kibble.

The Great Cabinet of Yums

Most distressing of all, Big Buddy has changed into the same shirt three nights in a row: The very shirt he leaves on the bed when he goes away, believing his scent will comfort me. (Perhaps it does for less sophisticated creatures like dogs. Oh, to be so simple-minded!)

I know based on past experience that someone will enter my realm daily to feed me and give me fresh water. I also know it’s likely going to be the nice lady who used to play with me after feeding me…until I attacked her the last time she was my cat sitter.

It seemed like the right move at the time, but I regret it now. She will probably feed me and run out. 😦

What I’d like to know is: What did I do to deserve this betrayal? Shouldn’t I go with Big Buddy to this mysterious place called the Outer Banks? And what makes the Outer Banks so special, anyway? The low interest rates? The free checking accounts? A cool vault with one of those big, heavy doors you see in movies?

I guess it’s not all bad. I’ve only been sleeping 13 hours a night lately, so some down time will allow me to catch up on my beauty rest.

Also, the entire place could do with a thorough scent-marking, and not having a human around means there won’t be any complaining about it.

But who will I sleep on? Who will give me snacks when I meow for them? Who will tell me I’m a good boy and scratch my head?

14 thoughts on “I Smell Treason In The Air!”

  1. Indeed! Who will scratch you on the head and give you treats, little Buddy?
    I cannot believe Big Buddy would abandon you like this! What can he possibly be thinking? Maybe he will return with turkey!

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  2. We’ve been lucky here to be able to get a friend to stay at the house with the kitties when we have been away. Now we don’t go anywhere where we are not coming back the same night. Outer Banks – you are on the tail end of hurricane season. Stay safe!

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  3. The pic shows a bag of Buddy biscuits. I’ve never seen this brand of treats but it appears perfect for little Buddy! Have a nice trip, Big Buddy!

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    1. I bought them because of the name, and it turns out Buddy loves them. He goes crazy for the turkey and cheese version. Best of all they’re not addictive like the Temps and they’re moist meat treats, not corn or whatever the mass market crap is.

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      1. Yep, sorry, I meant to mention that and forgot. There are two or three different kinds of Buddy Biscuits for cats on Chewy. The other snacks in the photo, which you can’t really see well because of the angle, are Sheba Meaty Tender Sticks. They’re kind of like Slim Jims for cats but softer. Another good alternative to all the dry treats.

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  4. I don’t know, Buddy, but it is understood that I don’t go without the Goob. I’ve been thinking about getting a slinglike thing if I have to go somewhere over night. I can’t go without my Goobi!

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    1. Goob’s lucky to have you. I can’t bring Buddy because my family is not tolerant of cats and two relatives have allergies. The houses in the Outer Banks are massive, but to keep the peace I’m not bringing him. I will miss him.

      I should tell my family I have had him registered as an Emotional Support Animal and he has to come with me. 🙂

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  5. I was going to ask how severely Little Buddy attacked his sitter, but then I realized his tiger-like ferocity and powerful meowscles!
    The sitter was lucky to survive!

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    1. His sitter has known him since he was a baby. I still don’t know why he attacked her, but then again he still attacks me every once in a while. Powerful meowscles indeed.


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