Jurassic Park With A Cat Instead of A T-Rex

Owl Kitty’s human has put his house panther into The Matrix, John Wick, Home Alone, Titanic — and now the original Jurassic Park as a stand-in for the terrifying tyrannosaurus rex.

Despite standing at least 20 feet tall and weighing several tons, Jurassic Owl Kitty is a kindler, gentler threat to Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and the kids. Kitty just wants to rub up against the Jeep and purr, and perhaps score some cat food, not eat people like that evil dinosaur.

Plus we can now confirm that, even if they were twice the size of African elephants, cats would still be cute:

4 thoughts on “Jurassic Park With A Cat Instead of A T-Rex”

  1. The Owlkitty videos are truly entertaining! Very well done, and the cat’s adorable! The channel posted a video showing how the effects are done.


    1. I wish I had the video editing skill and patience to get Bud to “act” out certain scenes. I tried using a green screen to put him in a jungle for a David Attenborough-style narration about the Buddinese Tiger, and I failed miserably at it lol.

      And yeah, Owl Kitty is very cute, and her human picks good movies to put her in.

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      1. Aww, a special on the Buddinese tiger would be so great! Or a video of Buddy’s attempt to form a pride, I’d love to watch that.


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