I’m A Pirate! Argh!!

Dear Landlubbers,

I ken many of ye were upset to hear I’ve been exiled, and truth be told I was none too pleased meself and dreamt of luring Big Buddy to Davy Jones’ locker and the watery grave he deserve, the disloyal scallywag!

But then I realized the pirate life is pretty awesome! Uh, belay that! Pirating be more fun than having a hundred red dots on me stern, ye savvy?

Them sons of biscuit eaters in the shipping lanes be carrying more plunder than ye know what to do with, and ain’t it delightful to steal from them scurvy dogs? Aye! I stash me booty in me litter box where no one will think to look for it.

That’s all the pirate words I know for now, hearties. See ya in port!

Buddy aka Greybeard

Pirate Buddy
Ahoy! Greybeard, scourge o’ the seven seas!

14 thoughts on “I’m A Pirate! Argh!!”

      1. A sad land that doesn’t have the mighty turkey bird! Greybeard must venture far to reave the desired fowl. Such is the pirate’s devotion to his noms!

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  1. With every picture you show of him, I’m getting more and more convinced that Buddy is the George Clooney/Brad Pitt/1920s Gary Cooper (when Cooper was the handsomest thing on two legs) of cats. And he’s rocking that pirate hat.

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    1. I’m not the kind of person who would really dress up their cat, because they don’t seem to like it at all, but I do wish he’d tolerate a hat even for a minute for photo purposes. The only thing he didn’t read off right away was his little tuxedo.

      Buddy is indeed a very handsome little guy. I think we’re due for a bad photos post, which should be amusing.

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    1. Yeah but they’re not as fun lol. Google translate says “Walk the plank!” would be “Soorka ku soco!” in Somali, and there’s no translation for words like “landlubber.”

      Plus I recently watched the Netflix documentary on pirates, so I’m all about them scurvy dogs lately. Argh!


  2. That pirate hat suits him! But we all know the sweet life for little Buddy is in New York! You must convince him of the pirates on Wall Street!

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    1. Cats certainly have the insistence and singlemindedness of the Wall Street types, and they already have two rules down: Never take no for an answer, and never end the conversation.

      Great, now I’m imagining Boiler Room and Glengarry Glenross as all-cat productions lol.


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